Originally Published: Friday, 17 March 2000 Author: Terry Warner
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Nvidia and Quake3

Well for all you Nvidia gamers out there. Our very own Leon F Castellanos has written a little how-to to get your Nvidia card working good with Quake3. Click above and you can read the whole thing.

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This is a quick HOW-TO get the most out of your NVIDIA card under Linux I will just copy a post I made to the utah-glx-dev mailing list and expand on it.


Dual Celeron 300 OC 450. Viper V770 TNT2 32 RAM. PC100 128 RAM. Xresolution:      800x600@15bpp             (single Xterm running, no windows manager)


Below is stuff that I found will improve performance.


      SubSection "Display"       Depth     15       Modes     "800x600"       EndSubSection

* A single resolution for 15bpp makes a big difference and believe me, you won't be able to tell the difference to 16bpp. I usually run at 1280x1024@16bpp, which is what I get by running "startx" so, when I want to play I just do "xinit -- -bpp 15", that will give me a single Xterm with no windows manager where I can type "quake3".

Q3 Settings:

      VideoMode:    800x600       Fullscreen:    Off       Lighting:    Vertex       Geometry Detail:    Low       Texture Detail:    Second Notch       Texture Quality:    16 bit       Texture Filter:    Bilinear

* I got a tip from someone that Fullscreen was buggy so I shut it down it speeds things up a little and thats all you need. Besides, since I run X at a single resolution of 800x600 and q3 at the same without a windows manager it is the same as fullscreen.


Timedemo demo001:

      UTAH-GLX CVS:    1346 frames, 56.7 seconds, 23.8 FPS       Static GLX    1346 frames, 44.9 seconds, 30.0 FPS

I don't know if I may be doing something wrong with the utah-glx, but thats is all I could get out of it. 30 FPS isn't alot, but at least its good enough to play, its certainly alot better than what I hear most people get (22-24 avg.).

That is pretty much it. Nothing fancy but it can help you get the most out of current drivers.

Leon F Castellanos unbound@linux.com

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