Originally Published: Friday, 31 December 1999 Author: John Gowin
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Gnumeric 0.46 released

From the Gnome Announce list, Miguel de Icaza released a new version Gnumeric today. New features include greatly improved Excel Export, Y2K refinements, and much more.

Miguel writes:

Hello guys,

A new version of Gnumeric has been released

* Availability:


* New in this release:

- Greatly enhanced Excel Export, it now handles styles, and summaries are now mostly complete (Jody, Jon, Michael) - Linear regression and linear optimization were added.

- Many improvments for plugins. The guile plugin is seeing active development and many of the dormant modules are now enabled by default.

- Some final Y2K polishing has also been done. Guessing dates correctly when you enter them (Peter Moulder)

- Lots of core adjustments and stability improvements.

* The beginning of a command interface for implementing error reporting and setting up the Undo architecture (Jody).

* Make the interface more consistent in a few places (JP)

* Cell sort user interface improved (JP)

* Handles failed file/open and file/import better (Jody)

* Improved error reporting mechanism for Plugins (Jody).

- Functions

* New EURO() function for currency conversions (Jukka-Pekka)

* Few skeleton functions added

* Robustify range checking in a few functions (Morten)

* Improved statistical functions, regression code works with multi-dimensional data (check ChangeLog for details) (Andrew)

- Printing should be smarter

It should no longer print out the entire sheet, but try to find the best region to print (JP, Michael)

- Python plugin should work now (Jody)

- More user-visible state is preserved on the .gnumeric files (Michael)

- Various bugs were fixed and memory leaks were plugged as usual.

- Updated Gnumeric programming documentation.

- Filters

Fixed HTML export (michael),

* Installation Notes : 1) Be sure to install the plugins supplied with this release. Previous versions will neither work, nor be accepted.

2) You will want to clear out ~/.gnome/Gnumeric if you had used the printing code in other versions, this will speed up Gnumeric (a bug was there that could slow Gnumeric down).

* Contributors to this release:

Andrew Chatman, Ariel Rios, Cort Dougan, Ettore Perazzoli, Frank, Jody Goldberg, Jon K Hellan, Michael Meeks, Joe Sakosky, JP Rosevar, Jukka-Pekka Iivonnen, Kjartan Maaras, Miguel de Icaza, Morten Welinder, Peter Moulder, Tuomas Kuosmanen, and Yuri Syrota.

Enjoy, Miguel.

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