Originally Published: Friday, 12 October 2001 Author: The Staff of Linux.com
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Automating Linux with Alabanza: An Interview with Founder Tom Cunningham

A strong focus on Linux and a solid position as an established, profit-making enterprise make Alabanza a most interesting part of the Linux community. Linux.com asked some tough questions of founder Tom Cunningham to take a close look at his success. We found a story that might inspire self-taught and professional Linux users world over.

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Open Source?

Linux.com: Is any of your software GPl'd or under any other open source style license?

Tom Cunningham: Not yet, but were hoping to move certain projects to GPL sometime next year.

Linux.com: Do you work with the open source community?

Tom Cunningham: Our market space is very young. We realize as an industry that the key to all of our future success is working together.

We definitely support the community by being present at industry events and touting the benefits of Linux. Most recently, we participated in IBMs Application Solution Showcase and Developers Den at LinuxWorld Expo in late August.

Linux.com: What specific things are you looking for in community support -- how should people best get involved?

Tom Cunningham: We're constantly amazed with the amount of new ideas and methodologies that continue to arise in our industry. Were looking seriously right now at running installations on Linux on RISC, and MainFrame machines. Sharing our successes and stories is very reminiscent of getting hosting software off the ground in 1997.

As we work in what are relatively unchartered waters, we look forward to continually sharing what we've learned to build continually improved web hosting services.

Linux.com: Fair enough. As Linux users and developers what would you like to see the greater community work on for Linux next, and why?

Tom Cunningham: The truth is that we've been very pleased with all Linux developments and have the tools we need to carry us forward for years to come.

Linux.com: Good deal then. So what is your favorite color and why?

Tom Cunningham: Purple. Because all my kids love purple and I figure they must be on to something.

Linux.com: What's the best way for your customers and people who are interested in learning more to get in touch?

They should visit our Web site at http://www.alabanza.com or give us a call at 1-800-361-2682 or 1-410-779-1400 to speak to an Alabanza Software Automation Consultant.

Linux.com: Thanks for sharing your Linux experience and views on the world today with us and we wish you the best in the future!

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