Originally Published: Friday, 12 October 2001 Author: The Staff of Linux.com
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Automating Linux with Alabanza: An Interview with Founder Tom Cunningham

A strong focus on Linux and a solid position as an established, profit-making enterprise make Alabanza a most interesting part of the Linux community. Linux.com asked some tough questions of founder Tom Cunningham to take a close look at his success. We found a story that might inspire self-taught and professional Linux users world over.

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The State of the Economy

Linux.com: What do you think of the state of the current economy for high tech?

Tom Cunningham: I personally think the worst is over and there are only a growing number of opportunities ahead. Companies like ours are offering businesses fantastic opportunities and that's bound to keep theeconomy advancing.

Linux.com: This isn't a tough time to be forming start-ups?

Tom Cunningham: It's much better than Fall 2000, but tougher than Fall 1999. The bubble gave many companies the opportunity to build something. Were glad that were one of the companies that was able to bring some capital in and build something to hang our hats on before Fall 2000. There's much less clutter in the market now which makes sales calls and investor presentations much simpler. I think right now is a great time to catch our breath for the next boom.

Linux.com: How do you feel about the possibility of continued terrorist attacks or even war would benefit the technology sector in any way, economically that is?

Tom Cunningham: My sense is that most companies have done a good job with security. Clearly, the events will help some security tech companies, but I dont see them having a big effect on the general tech economy.

Linux.com: OK. So, you have just released a version 4.1 correct? What's new in version 4.1 and what value does it provide?

Tom Cunningham: Version 4.1 contains a newly-acquired Web Site Builder tool, which provides a point-and-click method of building a Web site. Its been added to our software suite to further empower end users to more easily update and manage their sites.

Linux.com: Can we look forward to a 4.2 or more?

Tom Cunningham: Definitely. We are working on a next generation initiative right now with the goal to release a version 5.0 earlymid-next year [2002].

Linux.com: Can you tell us a little about your partners? You have some big names, but interestingly not big Linux names in particular. Why do you think that is?

Tom Cunningham: To be honest, many of our Linux partners either have gone out of business or significantly changed their business models so they're no longer partners. I believe the worst of these challenging times are over so hopefully well have opportunities to get partnerships started with some new Linux companies.

Linux.com: Can you tell us anything about your five to ten year business goals?

Tom Cunningham: We believe that small businesses web presence needs will mature in complexity and we look to playing a significant role there.

Linux.com: Do you have plans for any other product releases?

Tom Cunningham: We continue to mature the products inside the software suite, but will not add any products right now outside that suite.

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