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Who Wants To Be a Linux Geek? Linux.com's Own Trivia Game

As part of the festivities for Linux.com's second birthday, we hosted four Linux trivia events. Whoever answered the most questions, won a prize package from ThinkGeek. By popular request, we're posting the logs from these events, so that people can go back and remember all of the interesting questions we came up with for these events.

May 17th, part 2  << Page 2 of 3  >>

<starlady> ok gang, let's go ahead and get started
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> here's the deal :)
<starlady> I'll be asking questions 1 at a time
<starlady> then unmoderating the channel
<starlady> the first person with the correct answer gets a point
<starlady> at the end of 20 questions, the person with the most points gets a nifty prize package from ThinkGeek
<andy> can we cheat?
<andy> oh wait... nm
<starlady> you can /msg search trivia rules
<starlady> and get the rules
<starlady> Linux.com and VA/OSDN staff are advised not to play ;)
<starlady> influx will be keeping score
<starlady> oh, and you can answer more than once, if no one gets the correct answer right away keep guessing
<influx> and i bribe easily ;)
<influx> j/k
--- starlady sets mode -m
<starlady> any questions?
<mge_> lets go
<joshua> why is the sky blue
* cdlu looks disappointed
<[Xerithane]> how tight on spelling?
* cdlu is osdn employee
<Kha0S> whee. let's go yo.
<andy> yea... let's do it
<zilch> go go
<nate37> goo
* squirrel looks around *
<Twilight1> cdlu: Too bad. :P
<andy> hehe
<starlady> [Xerithane]: when spelling counts I'll be sure to say that it counts, otherwise it doesn't matter
* Starfox blinks
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> ok, here we to
<starlady> go
<starlady> first questionL
<starlady> Who created Samba? (SPELLING COUNTS)
--- starlady sets mode -m
<joshua> me
<XFire> Andrew Tridgell
<Starfox> jeremy allison
<DarkReap1> crap..
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> XFire: got it
<starlady> Linus Torvalds holds an honorary doctorate from what university?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<zilch> kth
<Kha0S> mit
<cube25m> u of sweden
<[Xerithane]> Helsinski
<zilch> kungliga tekniska högskolan
<labisso> Helinski U
<psypete> harvard
<ElCoronel> Penn state
<vandyke> Bridget Fonda
<psypete> stanford
<rebelpacket> the answer is Helinski university
<mge_> mit
<ElCoronel> Auburn
<joshua> newark community
<zarfleen> oxford
<rebelpacket> University Of Finland
<[Xerithane]> Helsinki University in Finland
<DarkReap1> somewhere in Finland
<DarkReap1> :)
<psypete> FAU
<ElCoronel> Alabama ROLL TIDE
<vandyke> university of moscow
<trj> Stockholm
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> trj: got it
<starlady> In which country does Alan Cox live?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<trj> Wales
<[Xerithane]> England
<vandyke> Nowary
<Starfox> england
<Johnath> denmark
<Kha0S> .ca
<rebelpacket> Enlgland
<ElCoronel> England
<fsm> Englad
<cube25m> usa
<zarfleen> england
<[Xerithane]> UK
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> trj: got it again
<influx> trj takes the lead.
<starlady> What's Rasterman's real name? (SPELLING COUNTS)
--- starlady sets mode -m
<psypete> damnit they have preset answers! is the answer 4?
<vandyke> YOU GIB ME SOJ??????
<joshua> mandrake
<Stric> Carsten Heizler
<joshua> hah
<seva> Eric
<trj> Harrison
<Kha0S> carsten
<psypete> crazy ed
<labisso> Carsten Haitzler
<nate37> heh
<Kha0S> gr
<Stric> Carsten Haitzler
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> labisso: got it
<starlady> What does the sed command do?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<nate37> stream editor
<Johnath> edit text
<Kha0S> streing editing
<trj> replaces text.
<XFire> Stream editor
<seva> stream editor
<zarfleen> stream editor
<psypete> the frankfurter
<bnf> Stream editer
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> nate37: got it
<starlady> What's OctobrX's real name?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<ElCoronel> heh
<Kha0S> trae mccombs
<[Xerithane]> Trae McCombs
<psypete> bob
<seva> who cares
<rebelpacket> Trae Mcombs
<psypete> ed
--- starlady sets mode +m
<andy> santa claus
<starlady> Kha0S: got it
<starlady> What is the name of Linus' wife?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<sangr> who's OctobrX ?
<Kha0S> tove
<psypete> sage
<zilch> töve
<Bakemono> joan
<cube25m> alison
<seva> Tove
<rebelpacket> dove
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> zilch: got it, and bonus points for knowing how to do the o thingy
<starlady> *grin*
<starlady> Name the two people who founded Slashdot. (Nicknames or real names)
--- starlady sets mode -m
<psypete> that is SO unfair! damn ascii
<Kha0S> rob malda
<Kha0S> and
<Kha0S> er
<Johnath> rob malda and hemos
<[Xerithane]> rob maldo hemos
<XFire> CmdrTaco and Hemos
<Starfox> hemos tacos
<Stric> Rob Malda hemos
<joshua> satan abd bill gates
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> Johnath: got it
<starlady> In December of 1999, which GNOME developer won the FSF Free Software
<starlady> Award?

--- starlady sets mode -m
<psypete> this is preppy trivia. ask what the perl slogan is!
<zarfleen> more tech questions :P
<zilch> miguel de incaza
<DarkReap1> ill take, what happened to linux trivia, for 100
<[Xerithane]> Miguel
<Johnath> de icaza
<trj> Miguel de icaza
<Kha0S> that guy
<Stric> Miguel de icaza
<fsm> Miguel de Icaza
<Kha0S> with the thing
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> zilch: got it
<starlady> What does UCITA stand for?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<Bakemono> united crapers in that attic
* zarfleen yawns
<Salazar> hmm
<Bakemono> ...
* XFire boggles
<[Xerithane]> uniform computer information transactions act
<zarfleen> ... chirp, chirp ...
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> good job [Xerithane]
<starlady> In what month and year was the XFree86 project initiated?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<zilch> 1991
<bnf> May
<Stric> june 97
<Bakemono> 1998 may
<rebelpacket> 9/82
<andy> 1992
<Andre> Mary 1991
<fsm> The Epoch
<Andre> May*
<zilch> May 1991
<cube25m> june 98
<joshua> AD 640
<Bakemono> 1995 jan
<Kha0S> 1994
<labisso> may 92
<Kha0S> jan 1994
<trj> 1994
<nate37> june 1992
<Salazar> jesus
<Bakemono> 2002 jan
<starlady> oops
<nate37> june 1994
<Bakemono> hehe
<Starfox> dec 1994
<labisso> jum 92
<cube25m> july 1991
<andy> 1989
<andy> 1988
<zilch> mars 1994
<Salazar> october 1988
<Stric> may 94
<Starfox> dec 1995
<joshua> 1492
<zilch> september 1994
<andy> 1987
<labisso> june 93
<Kha0S> jul 1994
<Andre> June 1991
<bnf> May 1988
<cube25m> august 1991
<andy> :P
<starlady> still haven't seen it
<Stric> july 94
<zilch> december 1994
<Andre> June 1992
<trj> 1993
<cube25m> dec 1991
<labisso> june 94
<Starfox> aug 96
<Stric> march 94
<zilch> july 1994
<trj> 1992
<Kha0S> nov 1994
<cube25m> nov 1991
<zilch> januari 1994
<seva> may 88
<trj> 1990
<labisso> jaugust 94
<minus> 1994
<cube25m> oct 1991
<Stric> october 94
<ElCoronel> 86
<Starfox> sep 95
<Andre> May 1990
<Kha0S> mar 1994
<cube25m> sept 1991
<Bakemono> 94 jan
<labisso> Feb 94
<ElCoronel> it's older than that huys
<Bakemono> 94 feb
<bnf> may 82
<cube25m> may 1991
<cube25m> july 1991
<Andre> May 1986
<rebelpacket> 92 october
<Bakemono> 94 mar
<fsm> 94 Jun
<Starfox> 93 may
<labisso> Feb 90
<Bakemono> 94 something
<[Xerithane]> Aug 94
<andy> it's something 1994
<bnf> june 82
<rebelpacket> 90 febuaray
<Stric> august 94
<exact> part
<bnf> jul 82
<seva> may 89
<Stric> august 1994
<nate37> june 1989
<[Xerithane]> Sep 94
<joshua> 89 OctobrX
<rebelpacket> 1994 august
<Starfox> may 94
<zarfleen> may 94
<seva> may 1990
<labisso> jul 90
<Bakemono> 94 june
<seva> may 1991
<zarfleen> june 94
<seva> may 1992
<[Xerithane]> Oct 94
<seva> may 1993
<Bakemono> 94 dec
--- starlady sets mode +m
<andy> September 1994
<starlady> ok, let's do another question
<starlady> cause obviously no one knows that one *G*
<starlady> the answer was april 1992
<starlady> On what day was kernel 2.4.0 released?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<zilch> 3 jan
<Kha0S> a week ago
<zilch> 3 jan 2001
<joshua> tuesday
<Starfox> jan 2
<trj> Wdnesday
<andy> 2001
<cube25m> jan 7 2001
<trj> THursday
<Andre> 3 jan
<zilch> 2 jan 2001
<nate37> 4 jan 2001
<trj> Friday
<trj> Saturday
<Andre> 4 jan
<nate37> 5 jan 2001
<joshua> monday
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> nate37: got it
<starlady> In what year did work begin on GNU Emacs?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<Johnath> 1982
<trj> 1984
<Kha0S> 1973
<nate37> 1986
<[Xerithane]> 1974
<seva> 1984
<rebelpacket> 1982
<cube25m> 1989
<Andre> 1991
<zilch> 1984
<zarfleen> 82
<XFire> 1978
<joshua> 79
<labisso> 81
<[Xerithane]> 78
<nate37> 1985
<[Xerithane]> 79
<psypete> 1992
<zarfleen> 83
<andy> 1981
<Andre> 1992
<nate37> 1984
<alpha> eek
<zarfleen> 84
<seva> 1981
<zilch> 1983
<Stric> 23
<zarfleen> 81
<Stric> 3
<cube25m> 1973
<Stric> 56
<Stric> 867
<rebelpacket> 72
<Andre> 86
<andy> 1983
<Stric> 89
<[Xerithane]> 1980
<nate37> 1973
<trj> 1979
<zarfleen> 80
<andy> 1982
<zilch> 1986
<cube25m> 1978
<Andre> 87
--- starlady sets mode +m
<andy> 1979
<starlady> not quick enough on the +m there *G*
<starlady> trj got it
<influx> trj takes the lead again with 3
<starlady> Who created the Enlightenment window manager? (name or nickname)
--- starlady sets mode -m
<zilch> raster
<[Xerithane]> Rasterman
<Stric> raster
<trj> Mandrake
<XFire> Raster
<rebelpacket> Rasterman
<seva> mandrake
<Johnath> rasterman
<zilch> rasterman
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> rasterman is the name we were looking for there so [Xerithane] got it
--- starlady sets mode -m
<starlady> What command would you use to check a filesystem for errors?
<zilch> fsck
<[Xerithane]> fsck
<Kha0S> fsck
<zarfleen> less name questions
<Stric> fsck
<trj> fsck
<XFire> fsck
<Johnath> fsdk
<Starfox> fsck
<seva> fsck
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> zilch: got it
<starlady> interesting to see all those fsck's in the channel ;)
<starlady> Who originally wrote the gcc compiler?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<[Xerithane]> rms
<zilch> rms
<trj> Stallman
<Stric> rms
<joshua> g
<Johnath> stallman
<Kha0S> rms
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> [Xerithane]: got it again
<starlady> What Gimp artist created Tux, the Linux mascot?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<psypete> is it my fault my keyboard sucks??? 1970! poland! mount -t dick /dev/hardon /mnt/ass !
<trj> Ewing
<Andre> Linus?
<Stric> lewing
<Kha0S> larry ewing
<zilch> tuomas kuosmanen
<Johnath> larry wall
<[Xerithane]> larry ewing
<alpha> Lary ewing
<Stric> larry ewing
<seva> larry ewing
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> trj: got it
<starlady> In what year was the code for Samba first published?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<nate37> 1992
<zilch> 1994
<Johnath> 1995
<rebelpacket> 1992
<[Xerithane]> 1994
<Stric> 1996
<cube25m> 1997
<Stric> 1995
<Kha0S> 1995
<zarfleen> 96
<Stric> 1994
<psypete> sowwy (potty mouth)
<cube25m> 1993
<XFire> 1993
<Stric> 1993
<zilch> 1993
<seva> 1996
<Stric> 1992
<labisso> 92
<Bakemono> 1992
<Starfox> 1996
<cube25m> 1990
<joshua> 2
<rebelpacket> 1997
<Stric> 1991
<fsm> 1996
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> nate37: got it
<starlady> What does 'GNU' stand for?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<[Xerithane]> Gnus not ujnix
<trj> GNU's not unix
<zilch> gnu's not unix
<Johnath> gnu not unuix
<Kha0S> gnu's not unix
<rebelpacket> Gnus not unix
<Salazar> gnu not unix
<XFire> Gnu's not unix
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> give [Xerithane] a point for getting it, and zilch a point for being the first to spell it right ;)
<starlady> Who wrote the Python language? (SPELLING COUNTS)
--- starlady sets mode -m
<joshua> Good News Unichs!!
<zarfleen> guido
<zilch> guide von rossumn
<rebelpacket> Rossi
<[Xerithane]> guido von rossum
<Kha0S> guido van rossum
<zilch> guide von rossum
<nate37> gerido
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> Kha0S: got it
<starlady> What was the code name for Red Hat's 5.0 release?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<zilch> hurricane
<[Xerithane]> cartman
<seva> biltmore
<zarfleen> crap
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> zilch: got it
<starlady> influx: that's 20
<starlady> do we have a winner?
* influx runs sort
<influx> 1 - Johnath
<influx> 1 - labisso
<influx> 1 - XFire
<influx> 2 - Kha0S
<influx> 3 - nate37
<influx> 4 - trj
<influx> 4 - [Xerithane]
<influx> 5 - zilch
<influx> zilch is the winner
<starlady> congratulations zilch! :)
<influx> with 5 points
--- starlady gives voice to zilch
<zilch> wow!
<zilch> thanks all!
<starlady> zilch wins a prize pack from ThinkGeek
* zilch jumps up and down
<starlady> trj and [Xerithane] get a SuSE Linux boxed set and t-shirt for getting second places
<starlady> zilch, trj, and [Xerithane]: please /msg me your name and address
<starlady> thanks to everyone who played
<starlady> we'll be doing this again tomorrow at 10 am and 6 pm PDT if you didn't win this time around
<influx> good game *
<starlady> see linux.com for more info and have fun! :)

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