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Who Wants To Be a Linux Geek? Linux.com's Own Trivia Game

As part of the festivities for Linux.com's second birthday, we hosted four Linux trivia events. Whoever answered the most questions, won a prize package from ThinkGeek. By popular request, we're posting the logs from these events, so that people can go back and remember all of the interesting questions we came up with for these events.

--- starlady has changed the topic to: Welcome to Live! Our next event is the Linux Trivia Game beginning at 10 AM PDT. /msg search trivia rules for the rules and play to win nifty prizes from ThinkGeek!
<starlady> Ok, we're going to get started here in just a couple of minutes so here're the rules
<starlady> I've got a list of 20 questions on Linux and open source history, and some errata
<starlady> I'll paste one into the channel, then unmoderate it
<starlady> First person with the correct answer gets a point
<starlady> This means that if everyone guesses and no one gets it you can keep guessing
--- ChanServ gives channel operator status to goodness
<starlady> So if your lagtime to your server is high I suggest changing now ;)
--- ChanServ gives channel operator status to influx
<starlady> If there is a tie at the end of 20 questions we will go to a sudden death round of 5 questions among the tied people
<starlady> and from there on out I'll wing it ;)
<starlady> You can ' /msg search trivia rules ' for the abbreviated rules
<starlady> Linux.com staff and VA/OSDN staff are ineligible
<starlady> so don't play ;)
<Matt> starlady, how about openprojects staff?
<starlady> Any inappropriateness will wind up in getting you kicked as this is supposed to be fun for all
<starlady> OPN staff can play :)
<starlady> so to recap: first person with the correct answer gets a point, most points wins cool ThinKGeek stuff!
<starlady> and here we go...
<starlady> What type of device drivers is Donald Becker best known for?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<zilch> ne2000
<claviola> network
<JALH> network
<jack> network
<emad> network
<apt-get> nic
<Kilroy> ethernet
<thelema> network drivers
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> xeno42: your call on this one
<xeno42> network is right :-)
<starlady> one point for claviola! influx info infi
<starlady> influx: can you keep score please :)
<influx> sure
<starlady> What was the name of the Beowulf-specific Linux distribution released
<starlady> by RedHat (now discontinued)?

--- starlady sets mode -m
<JALH> rawhide
<hdcool> Redwulf
<fraggle> extreme linux?
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> one point for fraggle!
<starlady> Who is the original author of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<Johnath> phil zimmerman
<JALH> hans zimmerman
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> Johnath: correct
<starlady> What's CmdrTaco's real name?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<edmz> rob malda
<fraggle> rob malda
<claviola> rob malda
<emad> robm malde
<Johnath> rob malda
<MysticOne> ROb Malda
<Kilroy> Rob malda
<jack> rob malda
<keck> so lag really hurts ya in this game, huh... :)
<drdink> Rob Malda
<thelema> rob malds
<emad> a
<AdamR> starlady: can ya ask something simple... i mean really really really really simple =
<dg> rod malda
<emad> gar mispell
<Bud_Lite> I give up
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> AdamR: message it to me
<starlady> edmz: right :)
<starlady> What does Perl stand for? (originally)
--- starlady sets mode -m
<AdamR> starlady: i dunno, make it something even i can answer =) something like what's my real name =)
<jack> practical extraction and report language
<Mindcrym> practical extraction and reporting lang.
<thelema> pathologically eclectic ru=bbish lister
<Stric_> pathologically eclectic rubbish lister
<JALH> practical extraction and report language
<Kilroy> pratical extraction and report language
<menthos> practical report and extraction language
<claviola> Practical Extraction and Report Language
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> jack: correct
<starlady> AdamR: some of these are easy :)
<starlady> jack got that point
<starlady> Which website hosts about 20,000 open source projects?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<fraggle> sourceforge
<claviola> sourceforge
<hdcool> sf.net
<Johnath> sourceforge\
<Stric_> www.sourceforge.net
<Hallski> sourceforge
<barneyfu> osdn
<zilch> sourcforge
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> another for fraggle
<starlady> Expand 'ESR' and 'RMS' (SPELLING COUNTS)
--- starlady sets mode -m
<fraggle> richard m stallman
<det> claviola got that last point on my server, IRC really isnt the best medium for this
<claviola> eric s. raymond and richard m. stallman
<MysticOne> Eric S Raymond Richard M Stallman
<ShortWave> Eric S. Raymond
<Johnath> eric s raymod richard m stallman
<zilch> eric raymond richard M stallman
<Kilroy> Erik S raymond, Richard M Stallman
<emad> eric s raymond richard m stallman
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> claviola: got it
<starlady> det: we are running an email contest too, check linux.com for details
<starlady> What is 'Yggdrasil'?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<zilch> a dist
<drdink> Late, but: Richard Masochist Stallman and Eric Slavemaster Raymond
<JALH> a distro
<claviola> linux distro
<pty> a dist
<emad> distro
<Kilroy> a distro
<cube25m> a diustributiuon
<kobaz> email isnt the best ether
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> ok, I think I'm going to throw that one out cause it's not a great question
<starlady> drdink: haha
<starlady> What is Espra?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<JALH> a nam
<drdink> Like Viagra
<JALH> e
<cube25m> file system
<pty> a dist
<jack> peer to peer network
<fraggle> open source file system
<claviola> open source file-sharing client
<thelema> extension to freenet
<Kilroy> The guy that debian 2.2 was devoted to.
<fraggle> file sharing client
<Stric_> peer to peer thingie
<hdcool> an opensource espresso machine
<fraggle> heh
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> claviola: has the best answer for that one influx info infi
<starlady> influx: you getting all this :)
<influx> claviola moves to the lead with 3 points.
<starlady> A March 31, 1999 letter to the community containing the phrase
<starlady> "And here we are, a year later. And we haven't even shipped a beta
<starlady> yet." was no April Fool's joke. Who wrote it and what company were
<starlady> they resigning from?

--- starlady sets mode -m
<Stric_> jwz
<cube25m> microsft
<JALH> microsoft
<zilch> microsoft
<Stric_> jwz netscape
<claviola> jwz, to microsoft
<emad> jwz mozilla
<JALH> halloween documents
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> Stric_: got it
<starlady> Bonus question: what does JWZ stand for? (SPELLING COUNTS)
--- starlady sets mode -m
<hdcool> pff
<claviola> jamie w. zawinski
<Kilroy> James zawinsky
<Stric_> Jamie Zawinski
<[Xerithane]> jamie zawinski?
<jack> jamie w zawinski
<ocsi> jump while zero
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> claviola: got it
<starlady> How do you save a file in vi?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<Stric_> :w
<Kilroy> :w
<claviola> :w
<fraggle> :w
<zilch> :w
<daw> :wq
<[Xerithane]> :wq
<JALH> :wq
<jack> :w
<MysticOne> :w
<emad> :w
<det> :w
<Hallski> !w
<sienap> :q
<barneyfu> :w
<bln> :x!
<hdcool> escape :wq!
<sienap> :W
<cube25m> wq
<claviola> ESC :w
<sienap> that is
<Hallski> oops
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> Stric_: got it
<starlady> Who is Patrick Volkerding?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<zilch> slackwars author
<MysticOne> Slackware creator
<claviola> slackware creator
<apt-get> slk
<barneyfu> Slackware
<Kilroy> Slackware's author
<edmz> a viking
<menthos> slackware distributor
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> MysticOne: has the best, first answer on that one
<starlady> Who won the last given Free Software Foundation award?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<influx> so far claviola in the lead with 4 still
<hdcool> debian
<zilch> miguel
<emad> apache
<Kilroy> Migues Icaza
<Stric_> GNOME
<claviola> gnome foundation
<menthos> Apache
<Stric_> Miguel De Icaza
<hdcool> kde
<cube25m> linus torvalds
<barneyfu> samba
<[Xerithane]> Miguel DeIcaza
<drdink> FreeBSD
<barneyfu> allison
<jack> OPN!
<zilch> Larry Wall
<claviola> brian paul
<kobaz> me
<hdcool> sf.net
<sienap> me ?
<jack> python!
<starlady> no one's right yet
<cube25m> brian belendorf
<Zagreus> OctobrX !!!!!
<drdink> Rob Levin, Panderer at large
<barneyfu> perl
<menthos> The Borg
<claviola> larry wall
<kobaz> tcl
<Dazman> Zagreus: :)
<Stric_> Debian
<muks> claviola is right
<jack> samba
<edmz> slashdot
<apt-get> Bruce Perens
<starlady> ah
<jack> jeremy allison
<starlady> I missed it sorry
<kobaz> sourceforge
<starlady> claviola: is right
<barneyfu> Darryl Strauss
--- starlady sets mode +m
<influx> craviola with 5
<starlady> Brian Paul was the answer
<influx> er claviola :)
<starlady> When did Netscape announce publicly that they were open-sourcing their
<starlady> browser code? (Month day, year)

--- starlady sets mode -m
<keck> test
<zilch> mars 1998
<[Xerithane]> June 1998
<zilch> april 1998
<Stric_> june 1997
<jack> march 31 98
<pty> 1 april 1998
<drdink> m/clear
<edmz> february 1998
<barneyfu> 1998
<emad> march 26 1998
<Johnath> april 1, 1998
<ravskel> Janurary 98
<Stric_> march 1997
<barneyfu> sept 1998
<drdink> July 4, 1776
<claviola> january 22, 1998
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> claviola: has it yet again
<starlady> What does DMCA stand for?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<influx> 6 pts
<drdink> of corse claviola has it again, he/she's got the answers
<MysticOne> Digital Millenium COpyright Act
<zilch> Digital Millenium Copyright Act
<[Xerithane]> Digital Millenium Copyright Act
<fraggle> digital millenium copyright act
<ravskel> Digital Millena COpyright act
<Johnath> Digital Millenium Copyright act
<claviola> digital milenium copyright act
<Kilroy> Digital Milennium Copyrigth Act
<fraggle> ack
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> MysticOne: got it
<starlady> What does NFS stand for?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<Stric_> network filesysttem
<edmz> Network file system
<[Xerithane]> Network file system
<bln> network file system
<zilch> Networked Filesystem
<Hallski> Network filesystmje
<ravskel> Network file system
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> Stric_: got it
<influx> stric_ moves into second place with 3
<starlady> On what date was the first User Friendly comic strip posted?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<kobaz> that was way too easy
<sienap> 1997 some.. day.. ehm yeah
<sienap> :)
<ravskel> it stopped being funny
<ravskel> who cares =)
<Kilroy> 1997 november
<Hallski> 1998
<ravskel> 1998 March 1
<edmz> october 1997
<hdcool> 18/02/1997
<jack> these are all too easy, its an exercise in typing speed.
<barneyfu> april 5 1996
<jack> good advert for tuxtyping :)
<Johnath> jan 22, 1998
<cube25m> april 2, 1996
<[Xerithane]> nov 17, 1997
<kobaz> march 6 1966
* thelema starts web browser
* sienap too
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> [Xerithane]: has it
<starlady> On what date did Linus post to comp.os.minix saying "I'm doing a (free)
<starlady> operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and professional like
<starlady> gnu)"?

--- starlady sets mode -m
--- drdink_ is now known as drdink
<hdcool> damn :)
<cube25m> feb 2 1991
<edmz> 1992
<zilch> 20 september 1991
<barneyfu> wget userfriendly.com |grep founded
<thelema> _that's_ trivia
<ravskel> Feb 1 81
<hdcool> feb 20 1991
<fraggle> 3 jul 91
<hdcool> feb 21 1991
<Dazman> ravskel: ur not allowed :P
<barneyfu> march 6 1991
<sienap> mrt 1 2047
<fraggle> 3 jul 1991
<Johnath> august, 1997
<Stric> 25 aug 1991
<ocsi> 1991-06-03
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> Stric: has it
<influx> is that stric_ ?
<starlady> What month and year was KDE 1.0 released?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<barneyfu> gay year
<sienap> aah bah :)
<barneyfu> gay/gay/gay
<menthos> bah
<sienap> BARF year
<sienap> :)
<bln> who cares? :-)
<e-devil> ;)
<fraggle> tue dec 19 2000
<cube25m> march 199
<claviola> july 12, 1998
<cube25m> 9
<dett> 11/98
<Kilroy> march 1998
<sienap> i think it was around 1632
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> claviola: has it
<Dazman> heh
<influx> claviola with 7
<influx> stric with 4
<starlady> Who is the author of the immensely popular autoconf sourcecode
<starlady> portability tool?

--- starlady sets mode -m
<Stric> eric s raymond?
<barneyfu> RMS
<[Xerithane]> rms?
<leyman> rms
<drdink> popular? its nasty
<Johnath> richard stallman
<cube25m> rms
<cube25m> larry wall
<barneyfu> Mister T
<mike_d> python
<ravskel> Tom D!
<kobaz> leasure suit larry
<dett> David Mckinsie
<jack> david macenzie
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> give dett and jack both a point for that one
<starlady> dett: had it but jack spelled it right first :)
<starlady> that should be 20
<starlady> influx: who is the winner? :)
<influx> claviola - 7
--- starlady gives voice to claviola
<starlady> grats claviola! :)
<influx> good job :) influx info infi
<claviola> i'd like to thank whoever wrote google.
<Dazman> hehehe.
<claviola> :P
<starlady> influx: can you paste the rest of the scores please? :)
<influx> sure
<influx> let me sort them right quick
<starlady> claviola: got a real name for us? :)
<Dazman> heh
<influx> claviola - 7
<influx> Stric - 4
<influx> fraggle - 2
<influx> jack - 2
<influx> MysticOne - 2
<influx> johnath - 1
<influx> edmz - 1
<influx> [Xerithane] - 1
<influx> dett - 1
<claviola> starlady: carlos laviola
<starlady> so it's just a coincidence that your nickname is the name of a musical instrument, then. :)
<starlady> thanks to all who played
<starlady> congrats to everyone who scored
<Matt> starlady, are we going to get a log of some of the more intresting answers posted?
<starlady> claviola will recieve a prize pack from our friends at ThinkGeek
<starlady> for second place, Stric will receive a SuSE prize pack
<Dazman> heh
<starlady> answers will be posted on Linux.com next week
<starlady> and if you didn't win, play again later... check Linux.com for details. We've got one more event today and two tomorrow!
<claviola> :)
<starlady> Thanks all! :)
<claviola> cool :P
--- starlady sets mode -m
--- mike_d is now known as md-away
<drdink> I hope my answers are posted
<drdink> they were the best
<fraggle> woo
<fraggle> i got joint 3rd
<fraggle> heh
<sienap> so hej ehm claviola .. where is the nude celebrity photo :)
<hdcool> my phone rang :(
<spork> <@starlady> congrats to everyone who scored
<apt-get> are all the events here?
--- spork is now known as emad
<claviola> sienap: hahaha
<influx> ;)
<keck> hehe
<xeno42> apt-get: yes
<hdcool> when is there again such a game??
<muks> claviola: congratulations; you did well.
<claviola> thanks, muks
<xeno42> there's a list of events on the linux.com home page ;-)
<hdcool> claviola you searched it all up on google?
<sienap> claviola i must say next time you shouldn't be included :)
<lucid> jes ...kudos
<drdink> next time try not to do this on a network that has 9s of inter-server lag, making play by clients not on your server nearly impossible
<drdink> that is just lame
<hdcool> claviola damn fast :)
<sienap> because if this goes on like this
<claviola> anybody could have won
<sienap> yeah however
<sienap> :)
<sienap> you where good dude
<sienap> so ehm grats :)
<claviola> i never win stuff :)) i'm so excited :P
<starlady> claviola doesn't get to play again ;)
<sienap> and have fun with your thinkgeek suprice pack :)
<claviola> hmm :/ :-)
<sienap> starlady he bitch :)
<Matt> starlady, we should have the "alternative answers" posted as well
<edmz> starlady: what's in the pack, anyway ?
<starlady> Matt: Sure
<starlady> Matt: after all the events are over of course ;)
<starlady> cause I'll be re-using some questions
<Matt> hehe
<Matt> yeah :&)
<starlady> edmz: some of the Linux.com stuff we sell on ThinkGeek, plus whatever else Willie sticks in the package
<JohnFlux2> heh
<JohnFlux2> Ask: How old is JohnFlux2 or something like that
* starlady whax sienap
<hdcool> I want a VAServer :)
<sienap> starlady mehh..
<starlady> hdcool: so do I ;)
<influx> i just want blue LEDs
<hdcool> or a thinkgeek casemodded pc-case
<sienap> so ehm bye bye guys :)
* Matt likes his VAXen
<hdcool> bye
<sienap> and i must say starlady.. you are an excelent show host >:)
<sienap> L8ter all
<claviola> damn
<lucid> ditto
<zilch> yeah, it was really fun
<claviola> i missed a lot of questions
<sienap> didn't know that people could type this fast :)
<dett> How come most of the questions are posted on linux.com
<claviola> like the NFS one, the PGP one
<sienap> hehe
<hdcool> where is that calendar for contests on lc.com?
<sienap> hej bye all :)
<dett> were tehy there before the IRC quiz ?
<claviola> i'm surprised i could win :)
<xeno42> hdcool: half way down the page on the right below the section icons
<xeno42> 'Upcoming Live Events'
<dett> claviola: where the questions posted on linux.com before the contest ?
<JohnFlux2> HAHA
<hdcool> whas this the first?
<claviola> dett: how should i know?
<xeno42> hdcool: yep
<claviola> i just took part
<hdcool> damn..it's midnight at the second..
<starlady> dett: yeah, bonus points to people who read Linux.com and figured out all those Q's ;)
<dett> claviola: because you answered everything so damn fast, thought maybe yo had questions pre-researched
<zilch> i few of the questrion was posted on linux.com
<claviola> dett: i assure you that i won by looking on google only
<dett> starlady: blah.. that's not right
<claviola> and from my own knowledge
<starlady> dett: well, we didn't have the answers posted
<hdcool> i think there should be a reward too for the most origial posts too :)
<dett> starlady: ever see "Quiz Show" ?
<starlady> dett: yeah
<starlady> dett: I have about 80 questions to spread across 5 events
<dett> :)
<starlady> some will be repeated
<starlady> so if you come back tomorrow you'll have a better shot
<starlady> ;)
<hdcool> ok..I'll hook off my phone then
* claviola will tell his brother to come - he'll answer
<claviola> jk :)
<starlady> claviola: :P
<ocsi> doogie : I've that too, I look at the config file
<ocsi> err, sorry, nth
<MysticOne> well, I didn't win ... but it was still fun :)
<hdcool> it sure was
<claviola> yea
<hdcool> should do more of them..
<hdcool> but not for prices
<hdcool> just for fun
<claviola> i've got to admit i already had some practice from #quiz channels
<influx> :)
<hdcool> starlady doing it?
<claviola> i've got my google skills there.. :-)
<hdcool> tss :)
<starlady> you guys really think we should do these just for fun?
<hdcool> yes
<Stric> yes
<hdcool> i was first!
<hdcool> wiii :)
<apt-get> na, I want Swag.
<starlady> hahaha
<hdcool> one point :)
<Stric> pah
<starlady> hdcool: gets the point!
<hdcool> :))
<starlady> apt-get: well yeah, we could probably do them for smallish prizes
<starlady> don't think I can mooch off of ThinkGeek all the time
<Stric> one sticker per point :) starlady Stric
<starlady> Stric: not a bad idea
<hdcool> that'll cost..
<apt-get> where can a find a full modes listing for chmod?
<hdcool> must send to foreign countrys too...
<Stric> apt-get: check the man page :)
<hdcool> (belgium me)
<Matt> apt-get, man chmod?
<Stric> sweden here
<Wintersun> Stric: Where in Sweden?
<Stric> Wintersun: Umeå
<starlady> hdcool: my two winners this time are in brazil and sweden, I don't anticipate a problem
<apt-get> ya, but immutability and others are not there.
* claviola wonders what he'll get - god, let it be the all mighty 20-gig mp3 jukebox
<Wintersun> Stric: Do you go to the University there?
<Matt> apt-get, you need chattr for those
<hdcool> starlady ok then, let's start :)
<Stric> Wintersun: sitting there right now :)
<hdcool> matt how can your sleep???
<starlady> claviola: dude, if I had one of those to give away I'd KEEP it
<apt-get> Matt: yup,
<Carnel> lol
<Matt> so man chattr :&P
<claviola> starlady: why do you think i want one?
<Matt> hdcool, quite easily :&)
<claviola> :)
<apt-get> TKS
<hdcool> matt are they on at night?
<Wintersun> Stric: ah. I know where you are, then. :) I've visited Sweden a few times...
<starlady> Matt: OMGOMGOMG
<Matt> hdcool, some of them
<hdcool> i have one server here..what a noise...
<starlady> Matt: that is an amazing setup
<Stric> Wintersun: poor you.. or something :)
<Matt> normally 3 or 4 machines on 24/7 in my room
<Stric> hdcool: one?
<hdcool> one server, one workstation :)
<Stric> hdcool: hm. 2xU10 + U60 + O2 + Indy + disk array in my office :)
<Matt> starlady, I have another vax in the kitchen too :&)
<influx> everyone read my l.c article: http://www.linux.com/develop/newsitem.phtml?sid=1&aid=12287 </plug> :)
<claviola> interesting indeed, Matt
<hdcool> matt, you don't happen to have a pc-relais board to control your house with your pc? :)
<Matt> hdcool, not yet - I keep meaning to get some X10 kit
<hdcool> so..is this the official l.c channel?
<starlady> hdcool: nope, try #linux.com
<hdcool> owkay!
<Matt> hdcool, I'm sure I could have the VAX do it tho - the one in the kitchen only has 32 serial ports
<hdcool> for what purpose????? :)
<hdcool> do you fart money? ;)
* Carnel tries to figure out a reason for having a VAX laying around in the kitching
<hdcool> and 32 serial port
<hdcool> s
<keck> I used to use one as a coffee table
<Carnel> IN the kitchen too..
<lazarus> "because you can"
<keck> and a space heater
<keck> ;)
<hdcool> :)
<Matt> Carnel, next to the P2-400
<hdcool> matt, what do you do for a living?
<hdcool> you earn a lot? or get a lot of pc's from your boss?
* Carnel pftts! at Matt
<Matt> the vax doesn't run anywhere near as hot as the Cx166 boxen
<Matt> hdcool, student :&)
<hdcool> so..rich parents :)
<Matt> not really
<Carnel> Meh, I'll just keep beating the crap out of my poor P133 until I can afford something better.
<hdcool> I'm 18 and I don't have the money for all that :(
<Matt> it's just amazing what you can do when you keep your ear to the ground
<apt-get> spazz
<Carnel> Matt... you do that to much you get your head stepped on.
<Matt> my main PC is prolly the most expensive piece of kit
<hdcool> matt what do you mean?
<keck> Matt: i'll vouch for that
<Matt> hdcool, well I picked up a couple of Xterms and a few other bits and pieces from a skip outside uni when they ditched some stuff from labs
<keck> Matt: i have three 20" monitors at home all for free (fixed frequency, from old hp/ux stations
<Matt> keck, where are you?
* Matt has an HP 9000/715 here
<hdcool> keck wow
<Matt> without monitor
<keck> Matt: i acutally got a circa 1988 vaxen from my school that they were tossing, just to play with
<hdcool> I have a pent90!! :)
<hdcool> and a pent200mmx
<keck> the company i work for used to be part of HP so we had all kinds of stuff lying around
<hdcool> ow yeah..are there debianguys in here?
<hdcool> hpinkjet.sourceforge.net
<hdcool> cool..
<hdcool> but I can't get it to work on debian
<hdcool> starlady btw..that question about sourceforge..it's new name is sf.net, received a mail today :)
<Carnel> Hmmm... I think I'm going to have to resurect my Commador Pet... just need to find a tape drive for it.. it's a pain having to rewrite the programs for it everytime I turned it off.
<hdcool> so i was right.. :)
<Matt> I have a trash-80 :&)
<hdcool> I'm going to rebuild my fridge into an as400 :)
<JohnFlux2> ~lart kdcool
<Matt> guy I know got given 3 AS/400's
<starlady> hdcool: yah, I got that too
<starlady> hdcool: but someone still said 'sourceforge' first ;)
<hdcool> no ..
<hdcool> check it :)
<Carnel> Matt, the Pet was my first ever computer, got it from my school when I was 11. And was giving a whole mess of Basic code for some little games for it. *wipes away a sentamental tear*
<hdcool> anyway..starlady, are we going to play for fun sometimes then?
<Matt> Carnel, my dad got a sinclair ZX spectrum (48k) when I was 2
<starlady> <starlady> Which website hosts about 20,000 open source projects?
<starlady> --- starlady sets mode -m
<starlady> <fraggle> sourceforge
<starlady> <claviola> sourceforge
<starlady> <hdcool> sf.net
<hdcool> heh?
<hdcool> i was first in here...
<hdcool> laggy servers :)
<starlady> hdcool: servers :/
<JALH> re
<hdcool> that's a real doh :)
<starlady> hdcool: unfortunate, but I gotta go with what I see here else everyone could debate every question
<starlady> hdcool: we'll definitely play for fun sometimes :)
<hdcool> ok...arrange a mailinglist
<starlady> hdcool: thinking about actually starting up linux.com "event weeks" sorta like this week's birthday celebration
<hdcool> starlady..what about the following price: a lokigame
<starlady> hdcool: if Loki will donate a game or two I'll be happy to give them away :)
<hdcool> problem is that they won't respond if you mail them :(
<hdcool> at least if I mail them..
<starlady> anyone know anyone at Loki? :)
<hdcool> I know daniel vogel who worked there..
<JALH> star, when's the next one?
<dett> 6pm
<JALH> whats the time now?
* JALH makes it 7pm.. ;)
<starlady> --- herbert.openprojects.net 990122367 -2 :Thursday May 17 2001 -- 17:59 +00:00
<starlady> hrm
<starlady> that's not the server I thought I was on
<starlady> anyway
<starlady> it's now 11 am PDT
<starlady> so the next event is in 7 hours
<JALH> ok
<xeno42> might want to set the topic to that effect :-)
--- Dazman has changed the topic to: Welcome to Live! Our next event is the Linux Trivia Game beginning at 6 PM PDT. /msg search trivia rules for the rules and play to win nifty prizes from ThinkGeek!
<JALH> daz, that is 2am in the morning right?
<Dazman> JALH: yeah
<JALH> ;/
<Dazman> Yeah
<Dazman> :/
* JALH wants l33t thinkgeek stuff ;)
<Dazman> heh
<Dazman> JALH: www.thinkgeek.com and buy it
* Dazman runs
* JALH makes sure to be on the same server as starlady next time
<JALH> daz, hehehe
<JALH> daz, if I get this job....
<Dazman> i wish you would tell me what job this is.
<Dazman> all you said to me is "if i get this job..."
<JALH> heh
<Dazman> over and over :P
<JALH> 2 or 3 times
--- Dazman removes voice from info
* ElCoronel is back (gone 02:51:32)
* lazarus is back.. hi ..gone/8h21m15s
<starlady> catch y'all later

<starlady> ok gang, let's go ahead and get started
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> here's the deal :)
<starlady> I'll be asking questions 1 at a time
<starlady> then unmoderating the channel
<starlady> the first person with the correct answer gets a point
<starlady> at the end of 20 questions, the person with the most points gets a nifty prize package from ThinkGeek
<andy> can we cheat?
<andy> oh wait... nm
<starlady> you can /msg search trivia rules
<starlady> and get the rules
<starlady> Linux.com and VA/OSDN staff are advised not to play ;)
<starlady> influx will be keeping score
<starlady> oh, and you can answer more than once, if no one gets the correct answer right away keep guessing
<influx> and i bribe easily ;)
<influx> j/k
--- starlady sets mode -m
<starlady> any questions?
<mge_> lets go
<joshua> why is the sky blue
* cdlu looks disappointed
<[Xerithane]> how tight on spelling?
* cdlu is osdn employee
<Kha0S> whee. let's go yo.
<andy> yea... let's do it
<zilch> go go
<nate37> goo
* squirrel looks around *
<Twilight1> cdlu: Too bad. :P
<andy> hehe
<starlady> [Xerithane]: when spelling counts I'll be sure to say that it counts, otherwise it doesn't matter
* Starfox blinks
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> ok, here we to
<starlady> go
<starlady> first questionL
<starlady> Who created Samba? (SPELLING COUNTS)
--- starlady sets mode -m
<joshua> me
<XFire> Andrew Tridgell
<Starfox> jeremy allison
<DarkReap1> crap..
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> XFire: got it
<starlady> Linus Torvalds holds an honorary doctorate from what university?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<zilch> kth
<Kha0S> mit
<cube25m> u of sweden
<[Xerithane]> Helsinski
<zilch> kungliga tekniska högskolan
<labisso> Helinski U
<psypete> harvard
<ElCoronel> Penn state
<vandyke> Bridget Fonda
<psypete> stanford
<rebelpacket> the answer is Helinski university
<mge_> mit
<ElCoronel> Auburn
<joshua> newark community
<zarfleen> oxford
<rebelpacket> University Of Finland
<[Xerithane]> Helsinki University in Finland
<DarkReap1> somewhere in Finland
<DarkReap1> :)
<psypete> FAU
<ElCoronel> Alabama ROLL TIDE
<vandyke> university of moscow
<trj> Stockholm
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> trj: got it
<starlady> In which country does Alan Cox live?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<trj> Wales
<[Xerithane]> England
<vandyke> Nowary
<Starfox> england
<Johnath> denmark
<Kha0S> .ca
<rebelpacket> Enlgland
<ElCoronel> England
<fsm> Englad
<cube25m> usa
<zarfleen> england
<[Xerithane]> UK
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> trj: got it again
<influx> trj takes the lead.
<starlady> What's Rasterman's real name? (SPELLING COUNTS)
--- starlady sets mode -m
<psypete> damnit they have preset answers! is the answer 4?
<vandyke> YOU GIB ME SOJ??????
<joshua> mandrake
<Stric> Carsten Heizler
<joshua> hah
<seva> Eric
<trj> Harrison
<Kha0S> carsten
<psypete> crazy ed
<labisso> Carsten Haitzler
<nate37> heh
<Kha0S> gr
<Stric> Carsten Haitzler
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> labisso: got it
<starlady> What does the sed command do?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<nate37> stream editor
<Johnath> edit text
<Kha0S> streing editing
<trj> replaces text.
<XFire> Stream editor
<seva> stream editor
<zarfleen> stream editor
<psypete> the frankfurter
<bnf> Stream editer
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> nate37: got it
<starlady> What's OctobrX's real name?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<ElCoronel> heh
<Kha0S> trae mccombs
<[Xerithane]> Trae McCombs
<psypete> bob
<seva> who cares
<rebelpacket> Trae Mcombs
<psypete> ed
--- starlady sets mode +m
<andy> santa claus
<starlady> Kha0S: got it
<starlady> What is the name of Linus' wife?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<sangr> who's OctobrX ?
<Kha0S> tove
<psypete> sage
<zilch> töve
<Bakemono> joan
<cube25m> alison
<seva> Tove
<rebelpacket> dove
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> zilch: got it, and bonus points for knowing how to do the o thingy
<starlady> *grin*
<starlady> Name the two people who founded Slashdot. (Nicknames or real names)
--- starlady sets mode -m
<psypete> that is SO unfair! damn ascii
<Kha0S> rob malda
<Kha0S> and
<Kha0S> er
<Johnath> rob malda and hemos
<[Xerithane]> rob maldo hemos
<XFire> CmdrTaco and Hemos
<Starfox> hemos tacos
<Stric> Rob Malda hemos
<joshua> satan abd bill gates
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> Johnath: got it
<starlady> In December of 1999, which GNOME developer won the FSF Free Software
<starlady> Award?

--- starlady sets mode -m
<psypete> this is preppy trivia. ask what the perl slogan is!
<zarfleen> more tech questions :P
<zilch> miguel de incaza
<DarkReap1> ill take, what happened to linux trivia, for 100
<[Xerithane]> Miguel
<Johnath> de icaza
<trj> Miguel de icaza
<Kha0S> that guy
<Stric> Miguel de icaza
<fsm> Miguel de Icaza
<Kha0S> with the thing
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> zilch: got it
<starlady> What does UCITA stand for?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<Bakemono> united crapers in that attic
* zarfleen yawns
<Salazar> hmm
<Bakemono> ...
* XFire boggles
<[Xerithane]> uniform computer information transactions act
<zarfleen> ... chirp, chirp ...
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> good job [Xerithane]
<starlady> In what month and year was the XFree86 project initiated?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<zilch> 1991
<bnf> May
<Stric> june 97
<Bakemono> 1998 may
<rebelpacket> 9/82
<andy> 1992
<Andre> Mary 1991
<fsm> The Epoch
<Andre> May*
<zilch> May 1991
<cube25m> june 98
<joshua> AD 640
<Bakemono> 1995 jan
<Kha0S> 1994
<labisso> may 92
<Kha0S> jan 1994
<trj> 1994
<nate37> june 1992
<Salazar> jesus
<Bakemono> 2002 jan
<starlady> oops
<nate37> june 1994
<Bakemono> hehe
<Starfox> dec 1994
<labisso> jum 92
<cube25m> july 1991
<andy> 1989
<andy> 1988
<zilch> mars 1994
<Salazar> october 1988
<Stric> may 94
<Starfox> dec 1995
<joshua> 1492
<zilch> september 1994
<andy> 1987
<labisso> june 93
<Kha0S> jul 1994
<Andre> June 1991
<bnf> May 1988
<cube25m> august 1991
<andy> :P
<starlady> still haven't seen it
<Stric> july 94
<zilch> december 1994
<Andre> June 1992
<trj> 1993
<cube25m> dec 1991
<labisso> june 94
<Starfox> aug 96
<Stric> march 94
<zilch> july 1994
<trj> 1992
<Kha0S> nov 1994
<cube25m> nov 1991
<zilch> januari 1994
<seva> may 88
<trj> 1990
<labisso> jaugust 94
<minus> 1994
<cube25m> oct 1991
<Stric> october 94
<ElCoronel> 86
<Starfox> sep 95
<Andre> May 1990
<Kha0S> mar 1994
<cube25m> sept 1991
<Bakemono> 94 jan
<labisso> Feb 94
<ElCoronel> it's older than that huys
<Bakemono> 94 feb
<bnf> may 82
<cube25m> may 1991
<cube25m> july 1991
<Andre> May 1986
<rebelpacket> 92 october
<Bakemono> 94 mar
<fsm> 94 Jun
<Starfox> 93 may
<labisso> Feb 90
<Bakemono> 94 something
<[Xerithane]> Aug 94
<andy> it's something 1994
<bnf> june 82
<rebelpacket> 90 febuaray
<Stric> august 94
<exact> part
<bnf> jul 82
<seva> may 89
<Stric> august 1994
<nate37> june 1989
<[Xerithane]> Sep 94
<joshua> 89 OctobrX
<rebelpacket> 1994 august
<Starfox> may 94
<zarfleen> may 94
<seva> may 1990
<labisso> jul 90
<Bakemono> 94 june
<seva> may 1991
<zarfleen> june 94
<seva> may 1992
<[Xerithane]> Oct 94
<seva> may 1993
<Bakemono> 94 dec
--- starlady sets mode +m
<andy> September 1994
<starlady> ok, let's do another question
<starlady> cause obviously no one knows that one *G*
<starlady> the answer was april 1992
<starlady> On what day was kernel 2.4.0 released?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<zilch> 3 jan
<Kha0S> a week ago
<zilch> 3 jan 2001
<joshua> tuesday
<Starfox> jan 2
<trj> Wdnesday
<andy> 2001
<cube25m> jan 7 2001
<trj> THursday
<Andre> 3 jan
<zilch> 2 jan 2001
<nate37> 4 jan 2001
<trj> Friday
<trj> Saturday
<Andre> 4 jan
<nate37> 5 jan 2001
<joshua> monday
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> nate37: got it
<starlady> In what year did work begin on GNU Emacs?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<Johnath> 1982
<trj> 1984
<Kha0S> 1973
<nate37> 1986
<[Xerithane]> 1974
<seva> 1984
<rebelpacket> 1982
<cube25m> 1989
<Andre> 1991
<zilch> 1984
<zarfleen> 82
<XFire> 1978
<joshua> 79
<labisso> 81
<[Xerithane]> 78
<nate37> 1985
<[Xerithane]> 79
<psypete> 1992
<zarfleen> 83
<andy> 1981
<Andre> 1992
<nate37> 1984
<alpha> eek
<zarfleen> 84
<seva> 1981
<zilch> 1983
<Stric> 23
<zarfleen> 81
<Stric> 3
<cube25m> 1973
<Stric> 56
<Stric> 867
<rebelpacket> 72
<Andre> 86
<andy> 1983
<Stric> 89
<[Xerithane]> 1980
<nate37> 1973
<trj> 1979
<zarfleen> 80
<andy> 1982
<zilch> 1986
<cube25m> 1978
<Andre> 87
--- starlady sets mode +m
<andy> 1979
<starlady> not quick enough on the +m there *G*
<starlady> trj got it
<influx> trj takes the lead again with 3
<starlady> Who created the Enlightenment window manager? (name or nickname)
--- starlady sets mode -m
<zilch> raster
<[Xerithane]> Rasterman
<Stric> raster
<trj> Mandrake
<XFire> Raster
<rebelpacket> Rasterman
<seva> mandrake
<Johnath> rasterman
<zilch> rasterman
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> rasterman is the name we were looking for there so [Xerithane] got it
--- starlady sets mode -m
<starlady> What command would you use to check a filesystem for errors?
<zilch> fsck
<[Xerithane]> fsck
<Kha0S> fsck
<zarfleen> less name questions
<Stric> fsck
<trj> fsck
<XFire> fsck
<Johnath> fsdk
<Starfox> fsck
<seva> fsck
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> zilch: got it
<starlady> interesting to see all those fsck's in the channel ;)
<starlady> Who originally wrote the gcc compiler?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<[Xerithane]> rms
<zilch> rms
<trj> Stallman
<Stric> rms
<joshua> g
<Johnath> stallman
<Kha0S> rms
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> [Xerithane]: got it again
<starlady> What Gimp artist created Tux, the Linux mascot?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<psypete> is it my fault my keyboard sucks??? 1970! poland! mount -t dick /dev/hardon /mnt/ass !
<trj> Ewing
<Andre> Linus?
<Stric> lewing
<Kha0S> larry ewing
<zilch> tuomas kuosmanen
<Johnath> larry wall
<[Xerithane]> larry ewing
<alpha> Lary ewing
<Stric> larry ewing
<seva> larry ewing
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> trj: got it
<starlady> In what year was the code for Samba first published?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<nate37> 1992
<zilch> 1994
<Johnath> 1995
<rebelpacket> 1992
<[Xerithane]> 1994
<Stric> 1996
<cube25m> 1997
<Stric> 1995
<Kha0S> 1995
<zarfleen> 96
<Stric> 1994
<psypete> sowwy (potty mouth)
<cube25m> 1993
<XFire> 1993
<Stric> 1993
<zilch> 1993
<seva> 1996
<Stric> 1992
<labisso> 92
<Bakemono> 1992
<Starfox> 1996
<cube25m> 1990
<joshua> 2
<rebelpacket> 1997
<Stric> 1991
<fsm> 1996
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> nate37: got it
<starlady> What does 'GNU' stand for?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<[Xerithane]> Gnus not ujnix
<trj> GNU's not unix
<zilch> gnu's not unix
<Johnath> gnu not unuix
<Kha0S> gnu's not unix
<rebelpacket> Gnus not unix
<Salazar> gnu not unix
<XFire> Gnu's not unix
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> give [Xerithane] a point for getting it, and zilch a point for being the first to spell it right ;)
<starlady> Who wrote the Python language? (SPELLING COUNTS)
--- starlady sets mode -m
<joshua> Good News Unichs!!
<zarfleen> guido
<zilch> guide von rossumn
<rebelpacket> Rossi
<[Xerithane]> guido von rossum
<Kha0S> guido van rossum
<zilch> guide von rossum
<nate37> gerido
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> Kha0S: got it
<starlady> What was the code name for Red Hat's 5.0 release?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<zilch> hurricane
<[Xerithane]> cartman
<seva> biltmore
<zarfleen> crap
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> zilch: got it
<starlady> influx: that's 20
<starlady> do we have a winner?
* influx runs sort
<influx> 1 - Johnath
<influx> 1 - labisso
<influx> 1 - XFire
<influx> 2 - Kha0S
<influx> 3 - nate37
<influx> 4 - trj
<influx> 4 - [Xerithane]
<influx> 5 - zilch
<influx> zilch is the winner
<starlady> congratulations zilch! :)
<influx> with 5 points
--- starlady gives voice to zilch
<zilch> wow!
<zilch> thanks all!
<starlady> zilch wins a prize pack from ThinkGeek
* zilch jumps up and down
<starlady> trj and [Xerithane] get a SuSE Linux boxed set and t-shirt for getting second places
<starlady> zilch, trj, and [Xerithane]: please /msg me your name and address
<starlady> thanks to everyone who played
<starlady> we'll be doing this again tomorrow at 10 am and 6 pm PDT if you didn't win this time around
<influx> good game *
<starlady> see linux.com for more info and have fun! :)

<starlady> ok gang, we're about to get started
<influx> errr
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> please /msg search trivia rules
<starlady> and i'll clarify the rules somewhat
<starlady> poor search
<starlady> :(
<starlady> haha
<Beret> doh
<Matt> oh dear :&/
<Beret> so much for that one
<starlady> ok, I guess I'm exlpaining the rules then *G*
<starlady> ok, the event is 20 questions
<starlady> I'll post a question in channel and unmoderate
<starlady> the first person to get a the right answer gets a point
<starlady> whoever has the most points at the end wins
<starlady> pretty simple :)
<starlady> and by request, I'm on forward.opn just so you know
<starlady> if no one gets the answer you can keep guessing
<starlady> the first person with the right answer gets it
--- starlady sets mode -m
<starlady> any questions?
<JALH> w00t
<nr5> -> except knowlege to win you need to have faster connection and be a faster typer?
* lazarus already /server'd :)
<Rias> when's pee break?
<muks> search is back btw, but :-)
<search> is back btw, but :-): http://feedback.interplay.com/bgsoa1/msg1/10.html
<nate37> WB SEARCH!
<muks> ew
<JALH> hehe
<ziga> mhh
<Beret> Rias: keep it clean
<t-mp> starlady do u get anything for writing for linux.com?
<t-mp> a tshirt or something?
<JALH> Beret: he wants to keep them clean, that's why he was asking
<Rias> :)
<JALH> ;)
<starlady> t-mp: honor, glory, an @linux.com email alias, and sometimes the odd prize or two
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> ok, here we go
<starlady> In what year was the first version of the GPL published?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<JALH> 1980
<nate37> 1994
<rpenguin> 1985
<jcore> 1987
<nate37> 1994
<JALH> 1981
<dett> 1981
<cube25m> 172
<infi> 1991
<ziga> 1979
<Kilroy> 1984
<nate37> 1984
<Rias> 1989
<miro> 1980
<t-mp> 1984
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> Rias: has it
<starlady> Name two of of Linus' three daughters...
--- starlady sets mode -m
<rpenguin> Ana
<rpenguin> oh that's one.
<lazarus> alpha, beta
<MysticOne> Linus 2.0!
<cube25m> alison and ana
<flatric> hans und detlef
<MysticOne> :)
<bobj> v2.0
<t-mp> Cathleen & Ana & Alison
<miro> lol
<Rias> heh
<rpenguin> patricia miranda
<flatric> detlef, dieter und hans
<starlady> keep trying
<nate37> Patricia Daniela
<rubberpaw> Patricia and Daniela
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> nate37: has it
<starlady> they are Patricia Miranda, Daniela, and Celeste
<starlady> What date was 'Windows Refund Day?'
--- starlady sets mode -m
<rpenguin> may 30
<cube25m> May 29
<Wu> nov 26
<nate37> may 15
<bobj> april 1
<nate37> may 14
<lazarus> 01/01/200 ;)
<dett> may 30 199
<JALH> april 1st
<Wu> XDD
<jcore> this isn't Linux!
<nate37> may 12
<darkworm> march 29
<Rias> jan 21 1999
<flatric> 28 may
<nate37> may 11
<miro> may27
<lazarus> 200 even
<ziga> 15 1999 february
<rpenguin> Jan 30
<Kilroy> feb 14th
<lazarus> 2 0 0 0 sheesh
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> ziga: got it
<starlady> Who originally wrote the GNU Emacs editor?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<dett> RMS
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> dett: has it
<influx> 4 way tie with 1 pt :)
<starlady> What does NFS stand for?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<dett> Network Fiel sysytemn
<infi> network file system
<nate37> network file system
<rpenguin> network file system
<Kilroy> Network file system
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> give dett a point for getting it and infi a point for being the first to spell it right
<starlady> :)
<starlady> On what date was Kernel 2.2.0 released?
<influx> got it
--- starlady sets mode -m
<xim> 6 feb 1999
<jcore> January 20, 1999
<ILWM> too late, imho
<rpenguin> Jan 21 1999
<b> jan 99
<infi> heh
<rubberpaw> jan 21 1999
<t-mp> ILWM has it
<lazarus> no pres'?
<Rias> heh
<darkworm> feb 4th 1999
<ziga> 09/30/1996
<jcore> Feb 2 1999
<ziga> arg
<infi> 29 dec 1998
<dett> Jan 21, 1999
<darkworm> feb 9th 1999
<rpenguin> Jan 26 1999
<Rias> 26 jan 199
<Rias> 1999
<jcore> Jan 27 1999
<dett> Jan 21, 1999, 11:07 UTC
<t-mp> somewere in the last 3 years
<rpenguin> december 1998
* tesmako notes that he should have googled for it. Would have had plenty of time if he had started in time.
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> ok, I've got conflicting dates on that one
<starlady> so we're going to throw it out and replace it
<starlady> What does DMCA stand for?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<lazarus> [ ] [167]linux-2.0.tar.gz 08-Jun-1996 17:00 5.6M
<MysticOne> Digital Meillenium Copyright Act
<rpenguin> digital millenium copyright act
<infi> digital millineum copyright act
<jcore> digital millenium copyright act
<Kilroy> Digital milennuim coyriht act
<MysticOne> Millenium
<cutnpaste> digital music copywrite act
<rubberpaw> digital millennium copyright act
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> MysticOne: got it
<starlady> What Gimp artist created Tux, the Linux mascot? (first and last name, spelling counts)
--- starlady sets mode -m
<rubberpaw> larry ewing
<bkenoah> garrett
<nate37> larry ewing
<Kilroy> larry wall
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> rubberpaw: got it
<starlady> On what date was the first User Friendly comic strip posted?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<influx> dett still in the lead with 2 pts
<Kilroy> oct 15th 1991
<TomK32> hi there
<info> what's up, tomk32
<ILWM> i need cable
<jcore> 1997
<miro> 1998
<rpenguin> a day that will live in infamy
<Kilroy> nov 17 1997
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> Kilroy: got it
<starlady> When was version 1.0 of the Linux kernel released?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<miro> 91
<rpenguin> 1994
<infi> 1991
<miro> 1991
<lazarus> [ ] [16]linux-1.0.tar.gz 12-Mar-1994 16:00 1.2M
<starlady> (what date)
<rpenguin> 1995
<jcore> 1995
<nate37> march 14 1994
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> nate37: got it
<starlady> What does UCITA stand for?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<d0pp1er> lazarus: nice
<rpenguin> don't give info for 12 year olds
<cube25m> uniform computer information transactions act
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> cube25m: got it
<starlady> Name the two people who founded Slashdot. (Nicknames or real names)
--- starlady sets mode -m
<nate37> cmdrtaco hemos
<lazarus> starlady: how does ftp.kernel.org have it timestamped two days earlier?
--- You are now known as xeon42
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> nate37: got it
<influx> nate37 pulls into the lead with 3
<starlady> lazarus: I don't know, this is the date all the publications I looked at said
<starlady> you know, when I asked that question yesterday
<starlady> (the slashdot one)
<starlady> everyone knew rob malda
<starlady> but no one knew hemos' real name
<starlady> twas pretty funny *G*
<starlady> Where did the name 'Debian' come from?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<Kilroy> debian and ian
<ILWM> dceborah ian
<cutnpaste> deb and ian
<lazarus> deb and ian
<ziga> debby and ian
<TomK32> Debby Ian
<pinto> Deb and ian
<dett> Ian Murdock and his wife
<Rias> deborah and ian
<cube25m> daughter
<jcore> deb ian
<xim> debby ain
<d0pp1er> ian and his wife debra
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> uhhh
<starlady> ILWM got it
<starlady> What does the 'S' in Eric S. Raymond stand for?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<Kilroy> Steven
<rpenguin> stuart
<TomK32> Stephan
<rubberpaw> Stephen
<cube25m> stallman
<jcore> Stephen
<miro> Simon
<infi> scary
<jcore> haha
<b> stepehn
<bobj> lol
<tesmako> Steven
<jcore> superman
<cube25m> simpson
<miro> scot
<darkworm> sucker
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> tesmako: got it
<starlady> oooop
<starlady> sosrry
<starlady> Kilroy: got it
<starlady> sorry sorry
<starlady> went right by me
<starlady> What's OctobrX's real name?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<bkenoah> trae
<t-mp> john
<bkenoah> mccombs
* jcore thinks this game is rigged
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> bkenoah: got it
<starlady> On what date was the first Halloween document released?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<rubberpaw> halowwen
<jcore> October 10th
<cube25m> may 2 1999
<lazarus> oct 31 :)
<darkworm> oct 11th 200
<zarfleen> oct 31 96
<xim> 31/09/1998
<TomK32> 1998
<d0pp1er> october 31st 1999
<cube25m> oct 1999
<jcore> October 15
<Kilroy> Oct 31st 1998
<zarfleen> oct 31 97
<jcore> 1999
<infi> wtf is octobrx?
<cube25m> oct 31 1999
<Twilight1> Christmas!
<dett> 1998.11.02
<cube25m> oct 31 2000
<rpenguin> nobember 2 1998
<cube25m> oct 31 1998
<miro> oct 11 1997
<nate37> aug 11 1998
* jcore guffaws
<zarfleen> more tech questions :P
<rpenguin> August 11 1998
<lazarus> not oct 31 ??
<darkworm> oct 18th 2000
<jcore> this is gay
<nate37> oct 11 1997
<dett> Fri, 6 Nov 1998
<Twilight1> jcore: Then /leave
<jcore> most of these questions have nothing to do with Linux
<ILWM> last week of october 1998
<rpenguin> October 29 1998
<pinto> My BitchXSpeak is suffering in here.
<miro> oct 12 1997
<t-mp> how about:waht is the superior OS
<rpenguin> October 28 1998
<bkenoah> October 1998
<zarfleen> BSD, baby, BSD!
<rubberpaw> doh. opensource took down the halowween doc page ;-)
<Rias> August 11 1998
<rpenguin> October 27 1998
<freax> 1 november 1998
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> freax: got it
<starlady> (finally)
<starlady> ok, gang
<starlady> (1) no one is making you play
<starlady> (2) it's linux TRIVIA, not linux technical knowledge
<starlady> Linus Torvalds holds an honorary doctorate from what university?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<Kilroy> Stockholm uni
<zarfleen> stockholm
<nate37> haronisk
<infi> stanford
<miro> helsinki
--- starlady sets mode +m
<starlady> Kilroy: got it
<influx> Kilroy and nate37 tied at 3 for the lead
<starlady> How many architectures did the Linux 1.0 kernel support?
--- starlady sets mode -m
<zarfleen> 2
<rubberpaw> 1
<Kilroy> 1
<miro> 1
<nate37> 1
<dett> 3
<Rias> 1
<darkworm> 1
<cube25m> 4
<ziga> 2
<Rias> 5
<ziga> 5
<cube25m> 9
<tesmako> If we are to complain about the questions I would like to mentio