Michael J. Wise

Name: Michael J. Wise (AKA sparhawk)
Site Position: Early article writer
Location: Indiana(work) and Ohio(school), USA
Website: http://www.pobox.com/~mjwise
Email: mjwise --at-- pobox.com
Staff Comment

I had actually been searching for matt trent off and on ever since he sort of disappeared online then I searched and found this site. Then it turns out he got all non-geeky and even is getting married (or is now married?) I've got one up on you term for being ungeeky: I use Windows. After Linux, I used BeOS and of course Be Inc. went down in an unbecoming ball of flames (at least I didn't buy any stock) and so, disillusioned with the whole alternative OS thing, I just muck around with various versions of Windows. Using rsync to back up my home computer is about as linux-y as things get anymore.

These days I'm in college and I'm studying Industrial Engineering with a few other hardy souls at the U of Toledo. Maybe one of these days they'll even let me graduate. No exciting long-term relationships or children or world takeovers to report however.

Bonus points: I still have my original sixsteps.org articles somewhere on one of my hard drives. (or at least had... ;-) )

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