Matt Michie

Name: Matt Michie (AKA influx)
Site Position: Article Writer Dude
Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Email: mmichie *AT*
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Articles by Matt

02/Aug/2000ApplicationsJobs: New Poll
24/Jul/2000ApplicationsNew LinuxGram Posted
20/Sep/2001ArticlesThe Sound Card Graveyard
20/Jul/2001Basic Security ArticlesNumber Nine, Number Nine: Linux at Defcon 9
07/Jun/2001Basic Security Security: Introduction to Port Scanning
15/Aug/2000CommunityMeet us at Live!
30/Jul/2001Development ArticlesIntroduction to Programming on Linux
17/May/2001Development ArticlesOSDN Handheld Months: An Interview with Alex Guy of Familiar
21/Nov/2000distributionsInstalling Slackware
30/Oct/2000distributionsInstalling Red Hat
26/Feb/2001Featured ArticlesSurfing Kernel Code
19/Feb/2001Featured ArticlesKernel 2.4 Ascends the Palmtop
12/Feb/2001Featured ArticlesLinux Kernel 2.4 Ascends The Big Iron
05/Feb/2001Featured ArticlesKernel 2.4 Ascends the Server
29/Jan/2001Featured ArticlesKernel 2.4 Ascends the Desktop
15/Jan/2001Featured ArticlesSpending Time With Aduva
07/Jan/2001Featured ArticlesThe Red Hat Install Guide
03/Oct/2000Featured ArticlesCorel Complications
29/Sep/2000Featured ArticlesInstall Hell
18/Sep/2000Featured ArticlesLinux Is Not Linux
01/Sep/2000Featured ArticlesDiary of a Madman: End Game.
22/Aug/2000Featured ArticlesLWCE: Another Perspective
19/Aug/2000Featured ArticlesWeekend Review: August 19
16/Aug/2000Featured ArticlesLinuxWorld Conference and Expo Report: Day Two
15/Aug/2000Featured ArticlesLinuxWorld Conference and Expo Report: Day One
11/Aug/2000Featured ArticlesLinuxWorld Conference and Expo Preview Part Two
08/Aug/2000Featured ArticlesLinuxWorld Conference and Expo Preview
05/Aug/2000Featured ArticlesWeekend Review: August 5, 2000
27/Jul/2000Featured ArticlesMeta-theming
22/Jul/2000Featured ArticlesWeekend Review: July 22, 2000
15/Jul/2000Featured ArticlesWeekend Review: July 15, 2000
11/Jul/2000Featured ArticlesAll about the Jive
04/Jul/2000Featured ArticlesDiary of a Madman: Day Four
27/Jun/2000Featured ArticlesDiary of a Madman: Day Three
27/Jun/2000Featured ArticlesDiary of a Madman: Day Three
20/Jun/2000Featured ArticlesBastille Linux Review
13/Jun/2000Featured ArticlesDiary of a Madman: Day Two
06/Jun/2000Featured ArticlesDiary of a Madman
31/May/2000Featured ArticlesHeaded for a Breakup
23/May/2000Featured ArticlesBetter Business Models for Open Source?
16/May/2000Featured ArticlesMoney or Mayhem for Linux Portals
09/May/2000Featured ArticlesIt's Survival of the Fittest
26/Apr/2000Featured ArticlesDesigned for Uncertainty
19/Apr/2000Featured ArticlesWhy Does Windows Have a Leaky Roof?
05/Apr/2000Featured ArticlesMicrosoft Monopoly Musings
29/Mar/2000Featured ArticlesThe Mockery of Mattel
22/Mar/2000Featured ArticlesStick a Fork in It
15/Mar/2000Featured ArticlesLetting Go of Game Code
08/Mar/2000Featured ArticlesHelix GNOME Review
01/Mar/2000Featured ArticlesTaking to the Streets
23/Feb/2000Featured ArticlesLearning and Linux: Part Two
16/Feb/2000Featured ArticlesLearning and Linux
08/Feb/2000Featured ArticlesBuddying Up to BSD: Part Five - FreeBSD Continued
26/Jan/2000Featured ArticlesBuddying up to BSD: Part Four - FreeBSD
12/Jan/2000Featured ArticlesMedia Merger Megalomania
05/Jan/2000Featured ArticlesTransition
06/Dec/1999Featured ArticlesInflection Path
29/Nov/1999Featured ArticlesDon't Call It a Comeback
15/Nov/1999Featured ArticlesBuddying up to BSD: Part Three - Regrouping
08/Nov/1999Featured ArticlesBuddying up to BSD: Part Two - OpenBSD
01/Nov/1999Featured ArticlesBuddying up to BSD: Part One
25/Oct/1999Featured ArticlesSlam Linux: Part Two
18/Oct/1999Featured ArticlesSlam Linux
11/Oct/1999Featured ArticlesObsession
05/Oct/1999Featured ArticlesDay in the Life
20/Sep/1999Featured ArticlesUnmasked Hero
13/Sep/1999Featured ArticlesSoftware from the Sky
06/Sep/1999Featured ArticlesAwakening
30/Aug/1999Featured ArticlesDreams Have No Rules
23/Aug/1999Featured ArticlesThe Farce of Innovation
10/Aug/1999Featured ArticlesThe Journey from Newbie to Guru
03/Aug/1999Featured ArticlesThe Twisted Pair: Netscape and Linux
06/Jul/1999Featured ArticlesMicrosoft and the Art of War
27/Oct/2000GeneralPenguin Classics
15/Jul/2000General AnnouncementsWeekend Review: July 15, 2000
11/Jul/2000General AnnouncementsAll about the Jive
04/Jul/2000General AnnouncementsDiary of a Madman: Day Four
01/Jan/2001Hardware ReviewsLCD Monitors Different; Cost Is Factor, Too
12/Jul/2000InterviewsAn Interview with Ian Murdock
03/May/ Feature Book Review: Network Troubleshooting
27/Nov/ Feature StoryInstalling Slackware
30/Oct/ Feature StoryInstalling Red Hat
26/Jul/ Feature StoryAn Interview with Scott Fritzinger
15/Jul/ Feature StoryWeekend Review: July 15, 2000
12/Jul/ Feature StoryAn Interview with Ian Murdock
11/Jul/ Feature StoryAll about the Jive
04/Jul/ Feature StoryDiary of a Madman: Day Four
27/Jun/ Feature StoryDiary of a Madman: Day Three
23/Oct/2000Live!Kernel Monkeys!
21/Jul/2000Other NewsIBM Releases New Linux Commercial
11/Dec/2000SysadminMatt Michie's Security Outlook: Part I