Katharine McCoy

Name: Katharine McCoy (AKA Wintersun)
Site Position: Live! Project Manager
Location: Alabama, USA
Website: http://portablekat.net/
Email: kat *AT* portablekat.net
Staff Comment

I'm finally about to graduate this semester (May 2003). I've been working for a radar analysis company for about a year now where I've been using everything from Windows 2000 for my desktop to UNIX/Linux for running analysis work on. So, I'm definitely still in the business of promoting Linux as a great, stable operating system.

I'm glad I got a chance to work with you guys. If I learned nothing else from my time at L.c, I learned where to find answers when I had questions concerning Linux. That, and I learned there are some really great people out there that are willing to share a piece of themselves with the world. All of you guys were wonderful and I miss working with you.

Articles by Katharine

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