Jeff Alami

Name: Jeff Alami (AKA Zagreus)
Site Position: Editor-in-Chief until July 2000
Location: Heredia, Costa Rica
Email: jeff *AT*
Staff Comment

Working for was a blast. Thank you Gareth for making this site -- it does mean a lot to see that people are still involved in the whole scene.

I'm currently running an Internet consulting business in Costa Rica. I have worked with partners starting an online pharmacy business, being involved in Web development, marketing strategy, and order fulfillment.

Articles by Jeff

09/Mar/2000ApplicationsXFree86 4.0 Released
16/Feb/2000ApplicationsZope Weekly News for February 16, 2000
07/Feb/ Jobs: What's the most important employee benefit?
05/Feb/2000ApplicationsLinux World Conference and Expo Pictures
04/Nov/1999ApplicationsSecond Edition of GIMP User Manual
27/Aug/1999ApplicationsDebian Officially Chooses A New Logo
25/Aug/1999ApplicationsInterview with Site Manager
22/Aug/1999ApplicationsA Linux User's Letter to Creative Labs
19/Aug/ to provide downloads for Open Source community
19/Aug/1999ApplicationsMozilla to Release Beta
19/Aug/1999ApplicationsKDE 2.0 Screenshot page Gets Slashdotted
18/Aug/1999ApplicationsInterview with KDE Developer
18/Aug/1999ApplicationsMyth II for Linux now Shipping
12/Aug/1999ApplicationsLinuxWorld Conference & Expo Ends!
22/Dec/2000ArticlesLUGs Help Unite Linux Users
26/Jan/2000BusinessWireLantronix Brings Powerful Network Printing to the Linux Community
21/Jan/2000BusinessWireLinsight Appoints New Co-Director
06/Jan/2000BusinessWireCorel LINUX OS Desktop to Access and Run Windows Applications
04/Jan/2000BusinessWireSuSE to offer award-winning SuSE Linux on PowerPC; Beta version announced at MacWorld
05/Oct/1999BusinessWireTZO.COM Joins Red Hat Developer Partner Program
04/Oct/1999BusinessWireWebTrends to Offer High-End Web Analysis and Reporting to Red Hat Linux Users
04/Oct/1999BusinessWireMission Critical Linux Names Brigitte Casemyr Vice President of Marketing
04/Oct/1999BusinessWireCybernet Introduces ... Industry's First Linux-based InternetAppliance Software
04/Oct/1999BusinessWireRed Hat Announces Red Hat Linux 6.1
04/Oct/ and ENT Magazine Establish the Linux ... Research Initiative
04/Oct/1999BusinessWireOpenLinux 2.3 Fastest Selling Linux Product in Caldera History
08/Mar/2000ColumnistsLinux and Music Creation Software
29/Dec/1999ColumnistsNew Column by Nicholas Petreley
22/Dec/1999ColumnistsThe Bazaar
22/Dec/1999ColumnistsThe Story of Two Penguins
17/Dec/1999ColumnistsLetters to the Editor
09/Nov/1999ColumnistsThe Fallout of the Microsoft Monopoly
05/Oct/1999ColumnistsLinux IPO Fever
08/Sep/1999ColumnistsCall to Arms: Why the Battle is So Important
01/Sep/1999ColumnistsNew Columnists
02/Jun/2000CommunityExt2.Net Domain for Sale
26/Apr/2000CommunityRed Hat Is Not Linux!
12/Apr/2000CommunitySourceForge News and Updates
24/Jan/ Chris and Christine's Wedding!
23/Jan/ Looking for Contributors
19/Jan/2000CommunityLinus Torvalds: Using "linux" in a domain name
07/Dec/1999CommunityTrae McCombs in the Linux Magazine's Who's Who
10/Oct/1999CommunityLinux General Store Pictures
05/Oct/1999CommunityDistroWars Opens Its Doors
15/Sep/1999CommunityLast Day to Pre-Register for ALS
05/Dec/1999DevelopmentKDevelop 1.0 Released
09/Jul/2001Development ArticlesThe Future of PHP: An Interview with ActiveState's Shane Caraveo
19/Jun/2001Development ArticlesOSDN Handheld Months: The PalmOS Emulator
17/Apr/2001Development ArticlesIf You Don't Know Perl, You Don't Know Dick
28/Dec/2000Development ArticlesPerl Mongers
28/Aug/2000Development ArticlesPHP Questions
11/Sep/2000Development NewsBRL 2.1.16
11/Sep/2000Development NewsLinuxPR: BeOpen PythonLabs Launches Python Professional Services Program
11/Sep/2000Development NewsIBM developerWorks: Jikes 1.2 is available
11/Sep/2000Development NewsTcl-URL! for September 11, 2000
10/Sep/2000Development NewsAllegro 3.9.33
10/Sep/2000Development Newslibxml++ 0.5
10/Sep/2000Development How To Use ZEO With Zope
06/Sep/2000Development NewsPython 2.0b1
06/Sep/2000Development NewsBakery 0.3.0
05/Sep/2000Development NewsPython 1.6 Released
05/Sep/2000Development NewsMonolith Application Framework 0.1
05/Sep/2000Development NewsZope 2.2.1
04/Sep/2000Development NewsOLinux Interviews Quentin Cregan of SourceForge
04/Sep/2000Development NewsTrolltech to Release Qt Under GPL
04/Sep/2000Development Newsinilib 1.0.4
04/Sep/2000Development NewsAVL C Library 0.1
03/Sep/2000Development Newsgladepyc 0.5
03/Sep/2000Development NewsEscher 0.1.5
02/Sep/2000Development NewsIBM developerWorks: Meet the 2.4 Linux kernel, Part 2
02/Sep/2000Development NewsActivePerl Build 617
01/Sep/2000Development NewsStable kernel prepatch 2.2.18pre1 released
01/Sep/2000Development NewsLesstif 0.91.8
01/Sep/2000Development NewsApache Today: The Perl You Need to Know, Part II: Working with Warning Messages
01/Sep/2000Development NewsCanada Computes: Powerplant: Piles of Open Source on a silver platter
31/Aug/2000Development NewsKazlib 1.18p1
31/Aug/2000Development NewsOpaL Repository Maintainer 0.0.26
31/Aug/2000Development Newsdetect library 0.9.72
31/Aug/2000Development NewsTapestry 0.1.3
31/Aug/2000Development NewsGnome-GCJ 0.13.0
31/Aug/2000Development NewsCML2+OS 0.7.6-0.5
31/Aug/2000Development NewsPolymorphic XML Parser 1.0
31/Aug/2000Development NewsNanoXML 1.6.2
30/Aug/2000Development NewsJEL 0.9.3
30/Aug/2000Development NewsOCI C++ Library 0.2.5
30/Aug/2000Development NewsAllLinuxDevices: Opersys/Lineo: Linux Trace Toolkit for RealTime Linux
30/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: BRL 2.1.14
30/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: Open Source Poplog (Mirror) 15.53
30/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: cgvg 1.6.1
30/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: UConio 0.0.9
30/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: hypersrc 1.3.2
30/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: BugSeeker for Java 2 1.0.1
30/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: VisKProg 0.1.9
30/Aug/2000Development NewsSunWorld: Scripting with C
30/Aug/2000Development NewsLinux Magazine: Perl of Wisdom: Moving Your News Service
29/Aug/2000Development 2.18
29/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: PHP 4.0.2
29/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: libyama 0.22
29/Aug/2000Development NewsSmart Partner: Has Java Failed Its Cross Platform Goals?
29/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: GtkExtra 0.99.11
29/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: C++ Debugging Support library 0.99.2
29/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: BioJava 1.01
29/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: Rudiments 0.13
29/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: Tiny COBOL
29/Aug/2000Development NewsInfoWorld: Business Components for Java provides Linux development options
29/Aug/2000Development NewsInfoWorld: Oracle gets RAD with Linux
29/Aug/2000Development NewsIBM developerWorks: Meet the 2.4 Linux kernel, Part 1 - When will we get it and what will we get?
29/Aug/2000Development NewsSun Releases Globalization Technology to Open Source Community
29/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: XML::XPath 0.99
29/Aug/2000Development NewsKernel Traffic #82 By Zack Brown
29/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: LoginServer 0.0.2
29/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: AutoMap 3.00b2
28/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: JConfig 2.1
28/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: ParaGUI 0.5.2
28/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: Test::Cmd 1.01
28/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: Quicktime for Linux 1.2
28/Aug/2000Development Rethinking Linux: Rally under a new Banner!
28/Aug/2000Development NewsSurge in Demand for Etnus TotalView Licenses to Analyze and Debug Complex Code on Linux Platforms
28/Aug/2000Development NewsLinuxPR: to host top Linux developers
28/Aug/2000Development NewsRed Hat Announces Roll-Out of First Courses in E-learning Curriculum
28/Aug/2000Development NewsIntranet Design Magazine: What's New in PHP4?
27/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: libyama 0.2
27/Aug/2000Development NewsIBM developerWorks: Common threads: POSIX threads explained, Part 2
27/Aug/2000Development NewsLinux Journal: At the Forge: Content Management
27/Aug/2000Development NewsO'Reilly Network: Networking with TCP/IP
26/Aug/2000Development NewsFreshmeat: ctools 1.00
26/Aug/2000Development NewsDanny's Reviews: Web Application Development with PHP4.0
26/Aug/2000Development NewsLinux Journal: Python and Tkinter Programming
26/Aug/2000Development NewsLinux Journal: Linux Programmer's Reference, Second Edition
26/Aug/2000Development IA-64 compilers set for fall beta tests
25/Aug/2000Development New site about relational databases on Linux
25/Aug/2000Development NewsLWN: Stable kernel prepatch 2.2.17pre20 released
25/Aug/2000Development's Frank Hecker Explains the Ins, Outs, Ups and Downs of GPL Relicensing
25/Aug/2000Development NewsSashXB for Linux
25/Aug/2000Development NewsLittle Book Packs a Lot of Info on CVS
22/Aug/2000Development NewsPRNewswire: Sybase to Open Source Watcom C/C++ and Fortran Compilers
22/Aug/2000Development NewsBW: CLeanscape Software Announces 'C' and Linux Upgrades to Development Environment
22/Aug/2000Development NewsInfoWorld: Java being extended to data analysis
22/Aug/2000Development NewsLinuxProgramming: Migrating from Perl to Python: Objects and Operators
22/Aug/2000Development NewsTcl-URL! for August 21, 2000
21/Aug/2000Development NewsPython-URL! for August 21, 2000
21/Aug/2000Development NewsO'Reilly: Detecting Local Filesystem Changes with Perl
21/Aug/2000Development NewsLinux Today: Theodore Ts'o: Updated Linux 2.4 issues page
21/Aug/2000Development Open-source site buys Web design firm
07/Mar/2000Development NewsPython 101 cheat sheet
25/Apr/2000DistributionsBeta of Linux-Mandrake 7.1 Available for Download and Testing
03/Oct/1999DistributionsRed Hat Linux 6.1 Available for Download
24/Jan/2000E-CommerceLinux Central Relaunches
23/Jan/2000EventsLinux Writers and Publishers BOF @ LinuxWorld Expo
15/Oct/1999EventsALS Pictures
04/Oct/1999EventsLinux Writers and Publishers BOF
08/Jul/2000Featured ArticlesWeekend Review: July 8, 2000
01/Jul/2000Featured ArticlesWeekend Review: July 1, 2000
01/Jul/2000Featured ArticlesWeekend Review: July 1, 2000
24/Jun/2000Featured ArticlesWeekend Review: June 24, 2000
17/Jun/2000Featured ArticlesWeekend Review: June 17, 2000
10/Jun/2000Featured ArticlesWeekend Review: June 10, 2000
10/Jun/2000Featured ArticlesWeekend Review: June 10, 2000
03/Jun/2000Featured ArticlesThe Week in Review: June 3, 2000
12/Apr/2000Featured ArticlesLinux Expo North America Report: Part 2
11/Apr/2000Featured ArticlesLinux Expo North America Report: Part 1
03/Apr/2000Featured ArticlesApril Fools!
04/Feb/2000Featured ArticlesLinuxWorld Conference and Expo: Day 3
03/Feb/2000Featured ArticlesLinuxWorld Conference and Expo: Day 2
02/Feb/2000Featured ArticlesLinuxWorld Conference and Expo: Day 1
23/Jan/2000Featured ArticlesPHP Questions
22/Jan/2000Featured ArticlesComdex/Canada West 2000
01/Jan/2000Featured ArticlesLinux Distribution Y2K Updates
31/Dec/1999Featured ArticlesSubmit Your Editorials
05/Oct/1999Featured ArticlesDay in the Life
12/Aug/1999Featured ArticlesLinuxWorld Report: Day 2
11/Aug/1999Featured ArticlesLinuxWorld Report: Day 1
09/Aug/1999Featured ArticlesLinuxWorld Preview
18/May/1999Featured ArticlesLinux's Weaknesses
10/Aug/1999Firststep NewsComing Soon to Jumpstart
10/Aug/1999Firststep NewsDell to preinstall Linux on workstations
10/Aug/1999Firststep NewsLinux installation gets even easier
12/Nov/1999Games NewsSoldier of Fortune Trailer
11/Nov/1999Games NewsAn Interview with Sam Lantinga
05/Jul/2000General AnnouncementsAn Interview with Alexander Feder
28/Jun/2000General AnnouncementsAn Interview with Klaus Knopper
21/Jun/2000General AnnouncementsAn Interview with Andrew Leonard
14/Jun/2000General AnnouncementsCommunity Forum Submissions
09/Jun/2000General AnnouncementsLetters to the Editor
15/May/2000General AnnouncementsRHCE2B.COM Interviews's Kara Pritchard
11/May/2000General AnnouncementsLinux Applications
05/May/2000General AnnouncementsAn Interview with Ian Main
03/May/2000General AnnouncementsLUGs: Road Trip to MLUG
27/Apr/2000General AnnouncementsGames Poll: What do you look for in a Linux game?
11/Apr/2000General AnnouncementsJobs Poll: Worst Thing About Your Job
30/Mar/2000General AnnouncementsSubmit Your Editorials
29/Mar/2000General AnnouncementsDevelopment: Getting Started with Make - Part 2
20/Mar/2000General AnnouncementsJobs Poll: Habits of annoying co-workers
12/Mar/2000General AnnouncementsMultimedia: Linux as a Content Creation Platform
29/Feb/2000General AnnouncementsMultimedia: Professional Computer Graphics on Linux? You Bet.
27/Feb/2000General Multimedia: Scanners & Linux
27/Feb/2000General Games: Q3ServerKit 2.0
27/Feb/2000General AnnouncementsLinux@Work: Stormy Weather Ahead for Proprietary Software
24/Feb/2000General's Coverage of the DPL Elections
17/Feb/2000General AnnouncementsReview: The Book of IRC
14/Feb/2000General AnnouncementsSubmit Your Editorials
03/Feb/2000General AnnouncementsPoll: What are your best/favorite working hours?
17/Jan/2000General AnnouncementsKara Pritchard Joins LPI Staff
04/Jan/2000General AnnouncementsMultimedia.Linux.Com
01/Jan/2000General AnnouncementsHappy New Year!
06/Dec/1999General AnnouncementsLetters to the Editor
03/Dec/1999General AnnouncementsHardware.Linux.Com Changes
28/Nov/1999General at Linux Business Expo
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01/Oct/1999General AnnouncementsNew Comments and Polls
20/Sep/1999General AnnouncementsGive Us Your Feedback
08/Sep/1999General AnnouncementsNew Changes to Links Section
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsTivoli Systems Extends Platform Support To Include Linux
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsVA Linux Systems Partners With AboveNet
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsHoudini the First Major 3D Animation Package on Linux
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsIDG Books, LinuxWorld Team Up To Produce Essential Linux OpenBook
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsNeverwinter brings AD&D-style role playing to Linux
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsRed Hat IPO Price Range Increase
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsCorel Previews A Linux Of Its Own
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementssourceXchange Open Source Marketplace Launches
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsLinuxcare, Red Hat & VA Linux Systems announce joint E-Seminar
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsAndover.Net Acquires
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsLizard Install Open Sourced by Caldera Systems
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsLinux Is Going Mainstream
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsTurboLinux Pushes High-End Server Solutions
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsRed Hat's IPO Becomes an Acid Test for Linux
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsTalarian's Ships Industry's Highest Performing Middleware on Linux
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsRogue Wave Software Announces Support for Linux Operating System
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsInprise Announces Commitment to Linux
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsVA Linux Systems Announces New Systems, Internet Partnerships And Customer Wins
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsAtipa Linux Solutions Unveils New Line of Faster, Powerful Alpha Linux Servers
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsThe Man Behind Linux
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsCaldera completed OpenLinux for Sparc port
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsIBM Microelectronics turns to Linux to promote PowerPC
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsIBM joins advanced Linux effort
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsOpen Source: The Answer to All Our Software Needs?
10/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsLinux movement becoming an industry
09/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsBoomlet approaches boom status on the eve of LinuxWorld Expo
09/Aug/1999General AnnouncementsWill Linux IPOs Revive the IPO Market?
08/Aug/1999General Prepares for LinuxWorld
26/Jul/2000InterviewsAn Interview with Scott Fritzinger
20/Jul/2000InterviewsAn Interview with Ethan Fremen
14/Jun/2000InterviewsAn Interview with Jay Daunheimer
01/Jun/2000InterviewsAn Interview with Kevin Lindsay
22/May/2000InterviewsAn Interview with Dave McAllister
17/May/2000InterviewsAn Interview with Michael Jennings
11/May/2000InterviewsAn Interview With Michael Vance
19/Apr/2000InterviewsAn Interview with Ted Cook
12/Apr/2000InterviewsAn Interview with Bob Young
15/Mar/2000InterviewsAn Interview With Jorrit Tyberghein
08/Mar/2000InterviewsAn Interview With Kurt Seifried
23/Feb/2000InterviewsAn Interview With Ben Collins
22/Jan/2000InterviewsAn Interview With Sean Perry
29/Dec/1999InterviewsAn Interview With Nelson Rush
23/Dec/1999InterviewsAn Interview With Jeremie Miller
17/Dec/1999InterviewsAn Interview with Jeff Finn
01/Dec/1999InterviewsAn Interview With Tony Guntharp
11/Nov/1999InterviewsAn Interview with Sam Lantinga
03/Nov/1999InterviewsAn Interview With Bowie J. Poag
28/Oct/1999InterviewsAn Interview With Gad Berger
22/Oct/1999InterviewsAn Interview With Benjamin Cox
07/Oct/1999InterviewsAn Interview With Deb Richardson
24/Sep/1999InterviewsAn Interview With Deepak Saxena
08/Sep/1999InterviewsInterview with Manish Singh
01/Sep/1999InterviewsInterview with Emmett Charles Plant
26/Jun/2000Jeff AlamiMeet the Press
19/Jun/2000Jeff AlamiLetters to the Editor: Part 3
12/Jun/2000Jeff AlamiLetters to the Editor: Part 2
05/Jun/2000Jeff AlamiThe Free Software Entrepreneur's Guide: Part 3
29/May/2000Jeff AlamiThe Free Software Entrepreneur's Guide: Part 2
18/May/2000Jeff AlamiA Year in Review
10/Apr/2000Jeff AlamiLinux User Groups
08/Mar/2000Jeff AlamiLinux and Music Creation Software
17/Feb/2000Jeff AlamiReview: The Book of IRC
22/Dec/1999Jeff AlamiThe Bazaar
17/Dec/1999Jeff AlamiLetters to the Editor: Part 1
06/Dec/1999Jeff AlamiLetters to the Editor
15/Sep/1999Jeff AlamiThe Free Software Entrepreneur's Guide
08/Sep/1999Jeff AlamiCall to Arms: Why the Battle is So Important
01/Sep/1999Jeff AlamiLinux and Merced: The Customer Wins
21/May/2000Jobs NewsFreshmeat: Negotiating for Nerds
20/Jul/ Feature StoryAn Interview with Ethan Fremen
01/Jul/ Feature StoryWeekend Review: July 1, 2000
10/Jun/ Feature StoryWeekend Review: June 10, 2000
11/May/ Feature StoryAn Interview With Michael Vance
05/Oct/1999M2 PressWIREMacromedia Generator 2 ships, delivers solution for generated graphical web cont
04/Oct/1999M2 PressWIREDefinite Software announces the first UK supported Linux Distribution
12/Jun/2000Multimedia and GamesXMMS 1.2.0 Released
10/Nov/1999Multimedia and GamesXMMS Team Announces Plugin Competition
23/Sep/1999Multimedia and GamesXMMS 0.9.5 Released
24/Jan/2000Other NewsWhat's the stupidest question in a job interview?
05/Mar/2000PollsNew Jobs Poll
20/Feb/2000PollsWhat are the most needed item(s) for the Company break room?
20/Feb/2000PollsWhich Windows games would you like to see the most under Linux?
23/Nov/1999PollsWhat Platform Do You Use to Run Linux?
09/Nov/1999PollsMain Reason for Using Linux?
25/Jan/2000PR NewsWireVA Linux Professional Services Teams With HP for Open Source Printing Software Development
18/Jan/2000PR to Include Open Source Security Technology, Completing Feature Set Of Open Source Browser
18/Jan/2000PR NewsWireMedullas Unleashes Penguin Applications
03/Jan/2000PR NewsWireInprise/Borland Leads Linux Charge: Open-Sources Interbase Challenges Other Database Vendors to Follow Its Lead
11/Oct/1999PR NewsWireNew VMware for Linux Release Now Available
07/Oct/1999PR NewsWireBusinessNet Holdings Corp. Acquires Equity Interest In Linuxlab, Inc.
05/Oct/1999PR NewsWireEntera Delivers Linux Streaming Server Supporting QuickTime 4
05/Oct/1999PR NewsWireConcentric Network Selects Cobalt Networks Server Appliances
24/Aug/1999redhat.comRed Hat Selects Frontier for Web Site Hosting
23/Aug/1999redhat.comRed Hat Announces Independent Y2K Compliance Certification for Red Hat Linux
25/Aug/1999Security NewsRed Hat Security Advisory: Buffer overflow in cron daemon