Derrick H. Lewis

Name: Derrick H. Lewis (AKA dlewis)
Site Position: Assistant Site Director (Security)
Website: None specified
Email: derricklewis *AT*
Staff Comment introduced me to *nix and open source. I had a wonderful time working under such pioneers from SourceForge and Freshmeat as well as others sites... Would not trade the experience in for anything.

Articles by Derrick

11/Jan/2001Advanced Security ArticlesCyber Attacks Prove Costly
01/Jun/2000GeneralHow To Eliminate The Ten Most Critical Internet Security Threats
07/Jun/2000InterviewsAn Interview with the Libsafe Developers
07/Jun/ Feature StoryAn Interview with the Libsafe Developers
17/Feb/2000Non-Linux Security NewsVandals expose lax security of Latin American Web sites
17/Feb/2000Non-Linux Security NewsThe FBI to use racketeering laws against hackers
17/Feb/2000Non-Linux Security NewsSecurity Expert Dave Dittrich on DDoS Attacks
08/Feb/2000Non-Linux Security NewsAre you sure that you're secure?
08/Feb/2000Non-Linux Security NewsYahoo! Under Attack
02/Feb/2000Non-Linux Security NewsPrivacy advocacy tells DobleClick to click off
02/Feb/2000Non-Linux Security NewsClinton's anti-hack plan attacked
02/Feb/2000Non-Linux Security NewsSecurity Gaps found in Medical Website
01/Feb/2000Non-Linux Security News1999 Annual CERT Report
01/Feb/2000Non-Linux Security NewsCybersnoops: Hackers for hire
01/Feb/2000Non-Linux Security NewsBeating the e-burglar blues
10/Sep/2000Security NewsSolar Designer's 2.2.17 Kernel Patch
07/Aug/2000Security NewsThe Danger of Script Kiddies
07/Aug/2000Security NewsFrontier Defense
17/Jul/2000Security NewsA security skills test
14/Jul/2000Security NewsWhat is coming up in the future for the Bastille Linux Project?
02/Jul/2000Security NewsDebian Security Advisory- canna
02/Jul/2000Security NewsLinux-Mandrake Security Update- dhcp
02/Jul/2000Security NewsLinux-Mandrake Security Update- wu-ftpd
21/Jun/2000Security NewsNetwork Intrusion Detection Using Snort
19/Jun/2000Security NewsLibnet 101, Part 1: Primer
10/Jun/2000Security NewsConectiva Linux Security Announcement: Open SSH
10/Jun/2000Security NewsCaldera Systems, Inc. Security Advisory
04/Jun/2000Security NewsCryptography and Security
04/Jun/2000Security NewsLinux-Mandrake Security Update: bind
03/Jun/2000Security NewsMajordomo removed from Debian
03/Jun/2000Security NewsSimple Network Time Sync daemon Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
02/Jun/2000Security NewsHackers' favorite security holes revealed
02/Jun/2000Security NewsSecurity holes going unpatched
02/Jun/2000Security News
31/May/2000Security NewsRed Hat, Inc. Security Advisory
30/May/2000Security NewsLinux cdrecord Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
30/May/2000Security NewsInterview with Frank van Vliet
25/May/2000Security NewsSetting up Portsentry
24/May/2000Security NewsQpopper 2.53 remote problem: user can gain [iso-8859-1] gid=mail
24/May/2000Security NewsLinux-Mandrake Security Update: dump
24/May/2000Security NewsLinux-Mandrake Security Update: xemacs
23/May/2000Security NewsKnow Your Enemy: A Forensic Analysis
23/May/2000Security News[Security Announce] fdmount
22/May/2000Security NewsFocus On Linux: Intrusion Detection on Linux
22/May/2000Security NewsLinux Security Week, May 22nd 2000
22/May/2000Security NewsWeekly Linux Security Roundup
20/May/2000Security NewsRed Hat, Inc. Security Advisory
20/May/2000Security NewsOpenLDAP /usr/tmp/ Symlink Vulnerability (Updated)
20/May/2000Security NewsSecrecy for Everyone, as Encryption Goes to Market
20/May/2000Security NewsApache: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition
20/May/2000Security NewsHow to Hack
19/May/2000Security NewsRed Hat, Inc. Security Advisory
17/May/2000Security NewsCisco IOS HTTP Server Vulnerability
16/May/2000Security NewsGlobal plan to fight cybercrime
15/May/2000Security NewsShowcode.asp - A lesson in Internet Security
15/May/2000Security NewsUK breakthrough promises secure comms
15/May/2000Security NewsBUGTRAQ Vulnerability Database Statistics
14/May/2000Security NewsOverseas Software
10/May/2000Security NewsSecure Shell Authentication Vulnerability
09/May/2000Security NewsRed Hat, Inc. Bug Fix Advisory
09/May/2000Security NewsLinux kernel patch from the Openwall Project
09/May/2000Security NewsWebserver Security (Part II)
09/May/2000Security NewsHacker's toolchest
09/May/2000Security NewsThe Evolution of Malicious Agents (Part 1 of 2)
09/May/2000Security NewsInternet Security at a Glance
08/May/2000Security NewsSecure Computing Reinstates the Secure Challenge Site at NetWorld+Interop 2000
08/May/2000Security NewsSecure Your Castle's Cyberperimeter
08/May/2000Security NewsAn interview with Marcus Ranum on Intrusion Detection and Security
08/May/2000Security NewsIntroduction To Authentication
08/May/2000Security NewsADSL and the opportunistic hackers
08/May/2000Security NewsThe Enemy Within
08/May/2000Security NewsLinux Security Week -- May 8
08/May/2000Security NewsUS urges stiffer penalties for Net crimes
08/May/2000Security NewsBuilding a Linux Bunker: Basic Firewalling
08/May/2000Security NewsWeekly Linux Security Roundup
07/May/2000Security NewsElectronic Forensics
06/May/2000Security NewsLinux goes Unloved
06/May/2000Security NewsCerberus Information Security Advisory- Listserv Web Archives Buffer Overflow
06/May/2000Security NewsCerberus Information Security Advisory- Dmailweb Buffer Overflow
05/May/2000Security News"How we defaced"
04/May/2000Security NewsLinux knfsd Denial of Service Vulnerability
04/May/2000Security NewsHave You Been Hacked?
04/May/2000Security NewsVNU Net: Linux boosted by new security software
03/May/2000Security NewsWashington coalition attacks Internet crime
03/May/2000Security NewsOpenSSH
02/May/2000Security NewsThe "mstream" distributed denial of service attack tool
01/May/2000Security NewsNessus 1.0.0pre3
01/May/2000Security NewsAlways-on Internet Security
01/May/2000Security NewsNMAP 2.50
01/May/2000Security NewsHardening Red Hat Linux with Bastille: Securely Installing a Bastion Host
01/May/2000Security NewsCERT Incident Note
01/May/2000Security NewsWeekly Linux Security Roundup - 2000/04/24 to 2000/04/30
29/Apr/2000Security NewsWhite House Security Official Calls for More E-vigilance
29/Apr/2000Security NewsCERT/CC Current Activity
29/Apr/2000Security NewsDeveloping Information Security Needs
27/Apr/2000Security NewsCarnegie Mellon establishes anti-hacking institute
25/Apr/2000Security NewsNews in View: Hackers get inside jobs
25/Apr/2000Security NewsISS Advisory: Backdoor Password in Red Hat Linux Virtual Server Package
25/Apr/2000Security NewsRapidstorm Hacker Defense Technology Outsmarts DoS Attacks
24/Apr/2000Security NewsCourt Drops Injunction Over Linux Trademark
23/Apr/2000Security NewsBacking up Linux
22/Apr/2000Security NewsThe back door to Frontpage
18/Apr/2000Security NewsEverything You Need to Know about Installing a Secure Linux Environment
18/Apr/2000Security NewsOpen Source - Why it's Good for Security
18/Apr/2000Security NewsIntroducing Marketplace
18/Apr/2000Security NewsSecurity industry hits out at 'ethical' hackers
18/Apr/2000Security NewsMCI WorldComm to Enhance Filtering Performance in High Speed Network
18/Apr/2000Security NewsRedHat 6.x X Font Server DoS Vulnerability
17/Apr/2000Security NewsWide Open Source
11/Apr/2000Security NewsCity firms warned of hackers in disguise
11/Apr/2000Security NewsContent Security: Keeping Sites Safe
11/Apr/2000Security NewsARCserveIT v6.61 Advanced Edition for Linux
11/Apr/2000Security NewsGetting Small with Linux, Part 2
11/Apr/2000Security NewsProtectix Announces the First All Open Source Security Solution
09/Apr/2000Security NewsGuardian Digital, Inc. Releases
09/Apr/2000Security NewsWeekly Linux Security Roundup
03/Apr/2000Security NewsNetwork access made simple, secure
02/Apr/2000Security NewsSecurity for the dial-up user
02/Apr/2000Security NewsNew Web Security System Unveiled
02/Apr/2000Security NewsWho gets your trust?
01/Apr/2000Security NewsSSH Communications Security Announces SSH Secure Shell 2.1 Available for Purchase On
23/Mar/2000Security NewsKurt Seifried to give another Tutorial on Basic Linux Security
13/Mar/2000Security NewsPreventing Denial of Service Attacks
12/Mar/2000Security NewsTutorial on Basic Linux Security to be given by Kurt Seifried
06/Mar/2000Security NewsBiometrics -- the end of online fraud?
06/Mar/2000Security NewsInsiders Are Often Behind A Security Compromise Users loathe to report breaches
06/Mar/2000Security NewsIntel tackles notebook security
06/Mar/2000Security NewsWeekly Linux Security Roundup
02/Mar/2000Security NewsSenate panel asks for hacker's counsel
02/Mar/2000Security NewsGetting Hacked Could Lead to Getting Sued
02/Mar/2000Security NewsLinux Encryption HOWTO
01/Mar/2000Security NewsSuSE Security Announcement
01/Mar/2000Security NewsIBM obtains approval to ship PCs with 256-bit security
01/Mar/2000Security NewsDiversinet Delivers Linux-Based Wireless E-Commerce Security
01/Mar/2000Security NewsCreating software packages for Linux - do's and dont's
01/Mar/2000Security NewsMultiple Vulnerabilities in Vixie Cron
01/Mar/2000Security NewsDoS: Linux to the rescue
29/Feb/2000Security NewsTripwire is First Major Security Company to Offer Open Source Linux Product
28/Feb/2000Security NewsLinux Security Interview with David A. Wheeler
28/Feb/2000Security NewsNSA Defends Easdropping Policy
28/Feb/2000Security NewsOnly a handful of cyber-crooks are ever punished
28/Feb/2000Security NewsWeekly Linux Security Roundup
28/Feb/2000Security NewsAll About SSH - Part II/II - OpenSSH
25/Feb/2000Security NewsSecurity and Apache: An Essential Primer
24/Feb/2000Security NewsAll-in-one security device
24/Feb/2000Security NewsAn Introduction to Using Linux as a Multipurpose Firewall
24/Feb/2000Security NewsSecure Computing to Develop Type Enforced Tux
24/Feb/2000Security NewsGovernment computers too vulnerable to hacks, senators say
23/Feb/2000Security NewsNew hacker software could spread by email
23/Feb/2000Security NewsAvoiding future denial-of-service attacks
23/Feb/2000Security NewsBoston man charged with hacking into Pentagon, NASA
23/Feb/2000Security NewsPentagon security cracked during testing
23/Feb/2000Security NewsHackers hide behind vandal facade, inquiry told
23/Feb/2000Security NewsSkin Deep Security
23/Feb/2000Security NewsLaptop stolen? Don't let them steal your data either
23/Feb/2000Security NewsSEC Hiring Cybercops
22/Feb/2000Security NewsDebian Security Advisory: New version of 'make'
22/Feb/2000Security NewsWeb attacks: Are ISPs doing enough?
22/Feb/2000Security NewsWeb Sites Race to Buy Hacker Insurance
22/Feb/2000Security NewsRussia's security agency spreads its Net
22/Feb/2000Security NewsPoor architecture let Web attacks succeed
21/Feb/2000Security NewsSecurity Issues Put Hil in Bind
21/Feb/2000Security NewsCrypto must be controlled -- FBI director
21/Feb/2000Security NewsDigital Signatures - It's (Becoming) The Law
21/Feb/2000Security NewsLinux Security Roundup
20/Feb/2000Security NewsGOP Net Security Task Force
20/Feb/2000Security NewsTurboLinux Security Announcement
19/Feb/2000Security NewsIntel Unveils Encryption As You Type
19/Feb/2000Security NewsA new CGI vulnerability scanner is released
19/Feb/2000Security News'Always On' Access Can Bring Insecurity Along With the Internet
19/Feb/2000Security NewsARCserve symlink vulnerability
19/Feb/2000Security NewsHackers beware
16/Feb/2000Security NewsFBI follows Internet chat room leads in hacker probe
16/Feb/2000Security NewsWeb Attackers Chose Assault Computers With Care
16/Feb/2000Security NewsClinton administration develops Internet security proposals as investigators pursue hackers
15/Feb/2000Security NewsDenial of Service (DoS) FAQ
15/Feb/2000Security NewsPresident to announce creation of national cyber security center
15/Feb/2000Security NewsHacking comes from the inside, computer expert warns
15/Feb/2000Security NewsVendors working to prevent Linux fragmention
10/Feb/2000Security News'Spoofing' hides computer hackers' footprints
10/Feb/2000Security NewsHave Script, Will Destroy (Lessons in DoS)
10/Feb/2000Security NewsFBI posts software to combat hacker attacks
07/Feb/2000Security NewsFive-Part Workshop: How To Build A Linux E-Commerce Site
07/Feb/2000Security NewsFTC Hands-Off Net
07/Feb/2000Security NewsSecurity goes beyond passwords
07/Feb/2000Security NewsPrivacy for the Masses
04/Feb/2000Security NewsDeutch controversy raises security questions for Internet users
04/Feb/2000Security NewsWeb Security Hole A Whopper
03/Feb/2000Security NewsUnderstanding Malicious Content Mitigation for Web Developers
03/Feb/2000Security NewsDebian Security Advisory
03/Feb/2000Security NewsFrequently Asked Questions About Malicious Web Scripts Redirected by Web Sites
01/Feb/2000Security NewsHSBC in major Hacker alert
01/Feb/2000Security NewsCaldera Systems, Inc. Security Advisory
01/Feb/2000Security NewsNo Security Breach Occurred, Online Bank Says Bank Says
01/Feb/2000Security NewsOnline privacy? Experts say you don't have any.
01/Feb/2000Security NewsProtecting your Linux machine from the big, bad internet
31/Jan/2000Security NewsMove to battle cross-border crimes
31/Jan/2000Security NewsSerious Online Banking Breach
31/Jan/2000Security NewsCellular Fraud S/ware For Net
30/Jan/2000Security NewsInformation Warfare
29/Jan/2000Security NewsSenator Torricelli To Go public With Privacy Bill
29/Jan/2000Security NewsSecurity Flaw Discovered at Online Bank
29/Jan/2000Security NewsExperts react to 'Chinese Linux virus'
28/Jan/2000Security NewsCrackers and Crackdowns
28/Jan/2000Security NewsCongress backs federal efforts on Y2K, is wary on security
28/Jan/2000Security NewsAxent To Develop Linux Firewall With Cobalt
28/Jan/2000Security NewsJapanese govt. sites hacked into again and again and again...
27/Jan/2000Security NewsQualcomm qpopper 'LIST' Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
27/Jan/2000Security NewsChina Seeks to Allay Fears Over Encryption Rules.
27/Jan/2000Security NewsChina Issues Rules to Limit E-Mail and Web Content
27/Jan/2000Security NewsJapanese flap over hack attacks.
27/Jan/2000Security NewsIt's Not Big Brother, It's Customer Service.
26/Jan/2000Security NewsCaldera Systems Security Advisory: various security problems with majordomo.
26/Jan/2000Security NewsBad News for Hackers, Crackers.
26/Jan/2000Security NewsPrivacy fears raised by doubleclick database plan.
26/Jan/2000Security NewsCybercrime Fighters Face Obstacles.
26/Jan/2000Security NewsJapan calls emergency meeting as hackers hit.
25/Jan/2000Security NewsBig keys unlock door to strong encryption.
24/Jan/2000Security NewsJumbomall venture increases online security.
24/Jan/2000Security NewsE-mergers trigger privacy worries.
24/Jan/2000Security NewsVisa Banks Offer Smart Cards.
23/Jan/2000Security NewsRed Hat Security Advisory: New majordomo packages.
23/Jan/2000Security NewsSuSE Security Announcement - lprold-update
21/Jan/2000Security NewsSSA launches public-key infrastructure pilot.
21/Jan/2000Security NewsTivoli takes over IBM's info security products.
21/Jan/2000Security NewsPseudonymity Now.
20/Jan/2000Security NewsCyber-crooks face radical new laws.
20/Jan/2000Security NewsCurb on Net security imports to go.
20/Jan/2000Security NewsWTO Under Cyberattack.
18/Jan/2000Security NewsNortel Contivity Vulnerability.
18/Jan/2000Security NewsPhillip Semiconductor to Get into data-security chip market.
18/Jan/2000Security NewsHackers have already taken over?
17/Jan/2000Security NewsThe Brightest to join in Cyberdefense Battle.
17/Jan/2000Security News"Who gets your trust?"
17/Jan/2000Security NewsFour Way Split in Network Associates.
17/Jan/2000Security NewsWorld cybercrime treaty in the making?
17/Jan/2000Security NewsComputer Crime Squad in the UK set to tacle Computer Crime.
16/Jan/2000Security NewsWho solves security problems faster?
14/Jan/2000Security NewsSuSE Security Announcement
13/Jan/2000Security NewsOracel to Release Oracle8i
13/Jan/2000Security NewsNuclear Weapons Site Hacked
12/Jan/2000Security NewsCorel Linux OS Vulnerability
12/Jan/2000Security NewsTeen hacks 27 ISP's
11/Jan/2000Security NewsSecure Programming for Linux HOWTO
11/Jan/2000Security NewsRedhat 4.0-6.1 Has an lpd Vulnerability.
10/Jan/2000Security NewsThe Controversal plan is to be released today.
10/Jan/2000Security NewsTaiwanese uses Viruses for Counter Attack.
10/Jan/2000Security NewsPac Bell Compromised?
09/Jan/2000Security NewsIdentical website addresses?
09/Jan/2000Security NewsDefense laboratory breaches National Security?
09/Jan/2000Security NewsHacker uses frustration as his motive.
08/Jan/2000Security NewsEPA to Crack Down on Security
08/Jan/2000Security News$91 Million Initiative for Security Threats?
08/Jan/2000Security NewsWar FTPD Problems.
08/Jan/2000Security NewsA Redhat Security Advisory is Released
07/Jan/2000Security NewsCrypto. E-mail for Win2K.
07/Jan/2000Security NewsEncryption Keys No Longer Good?
07/Jan/2000Security NewsCyber Warfare to Be Made Standard Tactic?
06/Jan/2000Security NewsGH Member Admits to Army "Vandalism"
06/Jan/2000Security NewsRailtrack/Lloyds of London Web Hacker Explains
06/Jan/2000Security NewsDNC Displays Information Collected About Visitors?
06/Jan/2000Security NewsThe l0pht Mergers with Executive Heavyweights
05/Jan/2000Security NewsGlobal Networks Plan for Security Upgrade
05/Jan/2000Security News14 New Viruses Found
05/Jan/2000Security NewsISP Stops Over 84 Viruses
05/Jan/2000Security NewsFederal Aviation Administration has Y2K Security Lapses?
04/Jan/2000Security NewsInternet Explorer is Feeling the Y2K bug.
04/Jan/2000Security NewsInformation Theft Soars.
03/Jan/2000Security NewsIT Security Firm Warns of Hacker Assault in Days Ahead
03/Jan/2000Security NewsE-commerce Sites Skip Security During the Holiday Rush
03/Jan/2000Security NewsCouncil Website Disrupted By Hackers
02/Jan/2000Security NewsHacker Attacks Leading Insurance Market
02/Jan/2000Security NewsUnix Millennium Bug
02/Jan/2000Security NewsWscript.Kak gets the first Virus Press in the New Millennium
31/Dec/1999Security NewsAmazon Gets Privacy Complaint
31/Dec/1999Security NewsCongress to Tackle Internet Issues
31/Dec/1999Security NewsTrojan.Kill Virus Set to Go Off January 1
30/Dec/1999Security NewsWill Digital Certificates Expire?
30/Dec/1999Security NewsChernobyl Virus Author Get Security Job.
30/Dec/1999Security NewsCompanies Use Firewalls as a way to block Cyber-Attacks.
30/Dec/1999Security NewsAustralia is joining in the Cyber Crime War.
30/Dec/1999Security NewsSoftware has two Experts at odds in Privacy Dispute.
29/Dec/1999Security NewsY2K hard drive warning?
29/Dec/1999Security NewsUK has the pre-Y2K Gitters.
29/Dec/1999Security NewsTribe FloodNet 2K (TFN2K) = Tribe FloodNet (TFN) Part II?
29/Dec/1999Security NewsYear 2000 Virus- Internet Ready?
29/Dec/1999Security NewsThe Pentagon decided to shut down there site.
29/Dec/1999Security NewsExperts Play Down Virus Threat to Computers Over the Holiday
28/Dec/1999Security NewsOPSEC in Danger- "We Have Met The Enemy, and It Is Us!"
28/Dec/1999Security NewsWeb Based CGI Vulnerability Scanner is Put up
28/Dec/1999Security NewsU.S. Is Set to Monitor the Clock Shift
28/Dec/1999Security NewsUS Trade Commission to revisit online privacy
25/Mar/2000Security TipsYour Security Policy (in a nutshell)
28/Jan/2000Security TipsA trivial but useful tip for helping thwart the script kiddie.
17/Jan/2000Security TipsRegulating Telnet.
08/Jan/2000Security TipsA Smooth System Means A Happy Admin and Happy Users