David Mckee

Name: David Mckee (AKA LinuxWolf)
Site Position: newbie articles, and irc live events, linuxhelp op. I also focussed a lot on understanding IRC for newbies articles.
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Website: None specified
Email: linuxwolf *AT* shaw.ca
Staff Comment

I have to say my time working with Gareth, Beret, Starlady, Simon who saved my ass more times then I can count on spelling I miss the family feel we had to the site, and how we embracced the use of the internet. Live events, show installs via large screen TV live and also on irc from LWCE. never been duplicated to this day. As for bio stuff 44 male, self-employed, live in Vancouver never gonna leave

Articles by David

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21/Sep/2001GeneralLinux.com Beginners Week: How to Get Ahead on IRC
26/Oct/2001SysadminFirst Impressions of Mandrake 8.1