Originally Published: Wednesday, 28 June 2000 Author: Terry Warner
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Terminus Update

LinuxGames has found out some interesting news about Terminus. Click the topic for more.

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(From LinuxGames)

"As soon as you receive your copy of Terminus, you will want to patch it right away up to version 1.2. There is also a patch for the demo to bring it up to v1.2. These patches include:

  • Added GameRanger support
  • Fixed gauntlet docking bug
  • Added force software mixing option, snd_force_softmix, to work around bad soundcards

Terminus 1.2 patches: Retail Version: TerminusLinuxRetailPatch12.tar.gz (600 KB) 3ddownloads Mirror Demo Version: TerminusLinuxDemoPatch12.tar.gz (500 KB) 3ddownloads Mirror"

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