Originally Published: Tuesday, 27 June 2000 Author: Terry Warner
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Space Combat RPG TERMINUS Ships!

Finally, after three and one-half years in development, Terminus (Windows, Mac, Linus) ships tomorrow! The space combat RPG was developed by Vicarious Visions and published by Vatical Entertainment. Click above for the full press release.


Contact: Doug Mealy Vicarious Visions 518.283.4090 x 232 doug@vvisions.com


[Editor note: Screenshots and Demo downloadable at www.vvisions.com ]

Latham and Troy, NY - June 27, 2000 - Terminus, the long-awaited and much-previewed epic space combat RPG, ships today after three and one-half years in development by Vicarious Visions, a leading developer of games for all major hardware platforms. Terminus is published by Vatical Entertainment, whose support has been critical to the development, marketing, and distribution of the game.

Terminus, a single- and multi-player (online) game, boasts three "firsts" in the games industry: The first space combat RPG to combine a persistent universe and a real-time economy; the first space combat RPG developed simultaneously on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh; and the first game with all three platforms in one box with one SKU. The game supports GameSpy to locate Terminusservers on the net so there are no subscription fees, unlike many other online games.

"Our long and meticulous development cycle seems to be paying off, based on the uniformly positive previews appearing on all the major game sites," says Karthik Bala, CEO of Vicarious Visions, and the head of the Terminus development team.

Terminus Demo: 10,000 Downloads!

The Terminus Demo, available for download at www.vvisions.com, has been extremely popular with gamers worldwide. Within 72 hours of posting the demo online on June 16, over 10,000 copies were downloaded by PC, Mac, and Linux gamers. Terminus may be purchased at electronic entertainment retailers nationwide or online at www.vvstore.com.

Terminus: More About the Game

The game's "living universe," which spans the entire Solar System, is a world which never stops moving and interacting, independent of players' actions. The actions of human and non-human characters as well as the workings of 19 fully-equipped space stations proceed whether or not players participate, making gameplay more challenging and rewarding than with previous space combat RPG games.

Real-time economy has never before been an integral part of space combat RPG games until now. If the owner of a commercial space station, for example, has a load of torpedoes hijacked, the supply is diminished, and the prices go up in real time. Or, players can plan to buy weaponry from a far-distant merchant, and hope the prices don't change while en route. As battles rage throughout the persistent universe, players must constantly reassess their actions and asset management strategies because in Terminus, like the real world, prices and availability can change instantly through no action of their own.

Non-player Characters Have Emotions

Another exciting feature in Terminusis the ability of computer-controlled characters to express human emotions as they interact with other characters and react to events using advanced AI technology. Characters can become angry and impatient; they can even fall in love. These emotions affect their judgments, actions, and reactions to an ever-changing world.

Players Choose Professions: Easy to Difficult

Unlike most other space combat simulation games in which players are assigned a single, unvarying role with pre-programmed responses and movements, Terminus players can choose among different characters (fighter pilot, mercenary, pirate, miner), each with a different set of behavior rules. Some professions are easy for the novice player, while others can provide a major challenge to the die-hard gamer.

What's Inside the Terminus Box

Gamers who purchase Terminus will receive three CDs: a stand-alone Soundtrack Disc, a Movie Disc, and a Game Disc, each of which runs on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. They also receive a 200-page manual which guides players through the entire storyline, and provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to maximize gameplay.

The game is published by Vatical Entertainment (www.vatical.com) which distributes Terminus to major retail stores in North America. European, Asian, and South America distribution rights are still in negotiation. Customers in those regions, as well as North American customers, can purchase Terminus, and other Vicarious Visions games, online at www.vvstore.com.


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