Originally Published: Sunday, 25 June 2000 Author: Jeff Mrochuk
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Shogo Status Update

Hyperion Software updated again with a status report of Shogo which they are porting to Linux and Amiga. Hit the headline for the report.

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From Progress report for Amiga/Linux versions of Shogo by Hans-Joerg Frieden

It has been some time since our last progress report but in the meanwhile a lot of progress was made.


The software renderer is already fully working and we expect the hardware renderer to be finished within a few days. We are working on removing the internal transformation code and move the geometry processing into OpenGL thus allowing the renderer to take advantage of special CPU instruction sets as well as supporting hardware T&L of the GeForceTM and forthcoming graphics chip generation.

The Linux software renderer supports both windowed operation as well as the VidMode extension of XFree86. An SVGA version is under consideration, although unlikely since there would be the need to completely rework the input subsystem.

The Amiga renderer currently runs on graphics cards only. We are still considering if an AGA version will make sense. All rendering is done in 15 or 16 bit quality, so it would be required to either use a 332 scheme for 8 bit displays or use HAM8; neither solution seems appealing, both because of speed and visual quality.


We are currently working on the sound code for Linux. This is almost completed now and is/will be using OpenAL for 3D sound. Amiga sound will follow. We are currently considering porting OpenAL to the Amiga to provide a unified sound solution for all supported platforms. Amiga sound will work with both AHI and native sound in any case.

Music will be using CD Audio. There is no such thing as DirectMusicTM on our target systems, so music will not adapt dynamically to the situation but CD Audio will provide for a very good quality.


The input system allows for keyboard and mouse control on all systems as well as supporting special devices. Wheel Mice are supported under Linux/X11. Support for that might also come to the Amiga version. All systems support analog joysticks.

The Amiga client supports PlaystationTM controllers through the PSXPort device. Normal pads as well as the dual shock are supported and both analog joysticks and all buttons, including the often-overlooked L3 and R3 buttons, can be individually programmed. Like the Windows version, every function can be individually mapped. With the range binding facility it is possible to use slight deflections of a joystick for slower movement and full deflection for running.

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