Originally Published: Wednesday, 21 June 2000 Author: Jeff Mrochuk
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GameSpy on Indrema

GameSpy.com has posted a well written article on Indrema. Click the topic for more info.

Indrema is a new console system that will run Linux. From their website:
his is the Indrema entertainment system. A revolutionary product built on a revolutionary operating system, Linux. Just turn it on, and sit back on your couch. This is no desktop Linux system, this is Linux for TV, for game addicts, for total entertainment. Out of the box, you can hook it up and begin playing unbelievably realistic 3D games, browsing the Net at high speed, or just enjoying personal TV or MP3 favorites. Put one in your living room, den, or your kids bedroom. The price of the L600 system is not yet disclosed, but it will be very affordable. We want everyone to be able to have one. A 600 MHz, 100 Mbs door to the Internet for high-performance Linux games, MP3 storage/playback and more, ideal for DSL and cable modem users. Use the optional wireless keyboard for comfort and relax, the wonderful world of Linux just got a little better. It's going to change your life, and perhaps your neighbors. Try it today, and join the revolution.
GameSpy takes a good objective look in their article, including a comparison with the Microsoft X-box.