Originally Published: Tuesday, 20 June 2000 Author: Jeff Mrochuk
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Heavy Gear II Demo

Loki has released their Heavy Gear II demo. Click the topic for more on HG2 and mirrors.

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From Loki's site:
Get ready for the ultimate in mech experiences: a thrilling combat adventure pitting robot against robot in the distant future is waiting for you. Pit squads of your best mechanized warriors against the enemy to save Terra Nova -- but sheer firepower won't be enough. Use your guile and wits to get behind enemy lines and use your resources to their fullest, before it's too late...
Loki's Heavy Gear 2 page has system requirments and more info.

You can grab the demo: ftp://ftp.lokigames.com/pub/demos/hg2/


Source: Linux Games

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