Originally Published: Monday, 19 June 2000 Author: Terry Warner
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Vicarious Visions Releases Demo of Terminus

Doug Mealy of Vicarious Visions just sent out word that Terminus has been released as a demo. Click the topic above to read the full announcement.


Doug Mealy Vicarious Visions 518.283.4090 x 232 doug@vvisions.com


Troy, NY-- June 19, 2000 -- Vicarious Visions (www.vvisions.com), a leading developer of games for all major hardware platforms, has released a downloadable demo of the long-awaited epic space combat RPG, Terminus. The game – the first one developed simultaneously on Mac, Linux, and Windows – is also the first game with all three platforms in one box with one SKU. Terminus is also the first space combat RPG with a persistent universe and a real-time economy.

“Terminus has received uniformly positive previews on all of the major game sites, and our new downloadable demo will show gamers what all the media excitement is about,” says Karthik Bala, CEO of Vicarious Visions.

Gamers who want to sample Terminus can download a 50 MB demo by visiting www.vvisions.com. The site will provide links to the Mac, Linux, and Windows demo sites. The README file contained within the demo has all necessary game instructions.

The Terminus demo contains an abbreviated look at the Flight Academy, where even seasoned flight jockeys gain experience flying spacecraft guided by the laws of Zero-G Newtonian physics. In addition, the demo includes a Gauntlet which lets pilots of all skill levels fight wave after wave of enemy ships and enjoy the shoot-to-destroy excitement of all-out space combat. The demo also includes a single story mission in which players can choose between being a fighter pilot for Earth or Mars.

Upon successful completion of the mission, a special trailer will run which includes snippets from the game as a teaser to the larger plot. There will also be a preview highlighting some of the features found in the actual game as well as new movie clips. The demo does not incorporate the persistent universe or the real-time economy, which can be enjoyed only in the retail product.

Terminus is scheduled to be on retail shelves nationwide the week of June 27. Players can also order Terminus online at www.vvstore.com.


Vicarious Visions develops games for all major game consoles including Nintendo Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, SegaƤ Dreamcast, Sony Playstation, as well as Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. Game players can see more games at www.vvisions.com and can order games online at www.vvstore.com.