Originally Published: Friday, 16 June 2000 Author: Jeff Mrochuk
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HOMM3 map editor, beta FOUR

Loki has announced the release of Beta 4 of the Heroes of Might and Magic map editor. Click the topic for more.

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Here is the actual message from Ryan:
Announcing the Heroes of Might and Magic III Map Editor, beta FOUR. Downloadable at...


....and weighing in at 1760kb. You need the full version of Heroes3 or the demo to use the editor. Both are available for purchase/download at http://www.lokigames.com/ ...The demo will NOT play custom maps. Changes since last beta: - Several people reported an assertion failure due to a check in the object palette OnSize method. The object palette needed to be exactly 198 pixels wide and at least 302 pixel high or the game would segfault in the paint code. This was a "feature" of the win32 code, which had more control over widget size. And while GTK+ takes my request to "MAKE THIS WIDGET EXACTLY THIS SIZE" seriously sometimes, some people had less luck than us and had GTK+ bump the palette's size by a pixel or two depending on theme, version, etc... The solution, of course, was to rewrite the paint code to be less moronic. Now, the code expects that those dimensions will be more or less satisfied, but won't segfault or assert in cases where they aren't. - Hero's properties/Identity did not match the picture and name. Fixed. - Our esteemed Mr. Phillips hacked in 32-bit color support. - Updated the ever-ticking beta expiration. Thanks to all for their patience between releases! We're getting there...

-- Ryan C. Gordon Programmer Loki Entertainment Software

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