Originally Published: Monday, 12 June 2000 Author: Jeff Mrochuk
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New X4 Nvidia Drivers.

NVIDIA has released new XFree86 4.0 drivers. You can grab the drivers here. Click the topic for a changelog. Source LinuxGames

  • allow Modeline directives in the XF86Config file to override our
  • auto-detection of monitor resolutions and refresh rates
  • "correct" fix for TNT memory-type problems
  • fix for VT switch lockups
  • fix for general ALI chipset lockups
  • addition and documentation of some registry keys Check os-registry.c in the kernel source directory for more details and options.
  • Work around Quake3 modeswitch crashing bug. Note: It's really a bug in dlopen()
  • major improvement in multi-threading behavior
  • dlist sharing with glXCreateContext works now
  • faster implementation of glTexImage/glTexSubImage and glCopyTexImage/glCopytexSubImage calls
  • Fixed kernel memory leak, relating to threaded OpenGL This problem was most noticeable with xmms.
  • Fix build problems with older 2.2.x kernels (RedHat 6.0)