Originally Published: Monday, 12 June 2000 Author: Jeff Alami
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XMMS 1.2.0 Released

The X MultiMedia System (XMMS) version 1.2.0 was released today by the XMMS team. Being one of the most popular ways to play MP3s on Linux systems, XMMS is also able to play a variety of media formats through its plugin system. Some of the changes in 1.2.0 include bug fixes and an improved plugin API.

"XMMS 1.2.0 is more stable and there are some more API calls for plugin authors to use," says Olle Hällnäs, XMMS developer. "Old plugins are still supported, although some really old ones from XMMS 0.9.0 (like the IQfx plugin) won't work because libxmms.so.0 no longer exists. Just make a symlink against libxmms.so.1 and it will work anyway."

So what's next for XMMS? "Well.. that's up to the users to decide I guess," Olle explains. "I think SMPEG is getting really good, so that it will be made into some sort of plugin for XMMS for sure." As the first Open Source project spawned by the work of Loki Entertainment Software's porting of Windows games to Linux, SMPEG is a library for playback of videos in the MPEG format.

Find out more about XMMS, and download the new version at xmms.org. XMMS is provided under the GNU General Public License.