Originally Published: Friday, 9 June 2000 Author: Jeff Alami
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Letters to the Editor

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Linux.com's comments system enables you to quickly and easily provide your opinions on the site's latest content. With this new "Letters to the Editor" section, you can send your comments to me, the Editor-in-Chief of Linux.com.

Let me know about your praise of Linux, or your gripes with it, at letters@linux.com. All letters will be read, and some of them will be posted, possibly with responses, to Linux.com. Remember that we will edit the letters to be posted, for spelling and grammar, and we credit your name.

Thank you for your feedback on our content at Linux.com, and I appreciate any comments you may have about Linux.com, or Linux in general.

Jeff Alami Editor-in-Chief, Linux.com jeff@linux.com

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