Originally Published: Thursday, 8 June 2000 Author: Kara Pritchard
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LPI Requests Community Feedback

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To maintain our goals of community participation and development we have posted our current Level 2 tasks for community and peer comment, review, and submissions.

At http://www.lpi.org/l2tasks/ you will find six categories of tasks. These tasks will be turned into tasks for the Level 2 job analysis. From this analysis we will be able to determine the objectives for the Level 2 exam.

We're asking that readers not review for whether or not the task is relevant to their jobs as Level 2 system administrators. Our Job Analysis survey will determine that, and we will be asking these readers to complete the survey at that time.

We are asking the readers to review them for technical correctness, and topic completeness. If there is something they believe that should be included that is open source, not distribution specific, and not already covered in level 1 (see http://www.lpi.org/p-index.html ) please submit them.

All comments, questions, and submissions should be directed to kara@lpi.org. For general discussion of these tasks, please subscribe to the lpi-examdev list (http://www.lpi.org/i-maillists.html)

- Kara

Kara Pritchard, RHCE Linux Users of Central Illinois, kara@luci.org Asst Dir for Program Development, kara@lpi.org LUG Project Manager - Linux.com, kara@linux.com

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