Originally Published: Thursday, 1 June 2000 Author: Natalie Vercauteren
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LinuxWorld Conference and Expo BoF Session Proposals

LinuxWorld Conference and Expo is now accepting proposals for Birds of a Feather Sessions (BOFs) which will take place on Tuesday, August 15th and Wednesday, August 16th. We are seeking people who wish to lead BOFs of interest to the Linux and Open Source software community. These are intended to be very informal discussions and BOF presenters do not need to submit handout materials.

If you are interested in leading a BOF, please email Natalie Vercauteren, LinuxWorld Conference Director at natalie_vercauteren@idg.com. Please include the BOF leader's name, title, organization affiliation, and full contact information. Also, please include the title of the Birds of a Feather session and a 1 - 2 sentence description.