Originally Published: Thursday, 18 May 2000 Author: Marius Aamodt Eriksen
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Make Your Own MP3 Box!

Mike Baker, our prolific multimedia-hacker has produced yet another piece of software. This, is rather a package, consisting of 2 scripts and 2 C programs that creates a headless mp3 player out of a computer.

The mp3box distribution should be run on startup (by running the init.sh script from your startup scripts). When a cdrom consisting of mp3s is inserted, it will simply start to play it (using mpg123) annoucing each song before it's played with festival. This makes the box completely independent. When the CDROM is ejected (by pressing the eject button), it simply ceases playing until the next CD is inserted. To make it work properly, you have to recompile the kernel with the kernel define, #define NO_DOOR_LOCKING 1. This enables the ejecting of the CDROM even though it is mounted. You can get the distribution here. Please redirect any questions you have to multimedia@linux.com.