Originally Published: Monday, 8 May 2000 Author: Terry Warner
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OpenUT Linux Server Update

Epic Games' Brandon Reinhart, wrote into the OpenUT mailing list with and update on the OpenUT Linux Server. Click above to read the full email.

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I plan to release a Linux server update AND the win32 and linux public source after E3. I apologize again for being late with this, but with E3 coming up we've been very busy assembling various demonstrations.

Steve has a new win32 patch planned, but it doesn't have any Linux specific features to my knowledge. So as soon as I get back from E3 and have some time, I'll release all the stuff for Linux...

The public source will have to wait until after Steve's patch, because it does contain some important header file changes.

Brandon Reinhart Epic Games, Inc. brandon@epicgames.com

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