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SourceForge News and Updates for April 27, 2000

SourceForge has a new Jobs Board for projects, more detailed technical profiles, and a new Trove software map.


We're proud to announce the initial rollout of the SourceForge Jobs Board. Looking to recruit new developers, designers or doc writers? Now project leaders can enter openings (and the skills they require) in a central, searchable location. - Looking for work? Browse available positions at: http://sourceforge.net/people/ - Looking to post a job? Project admins can do so from their project admin pages. NOTE: Only project administrators may post job requests. Commercial use of the system for corporate employment purposes is prohibited. PERSONAL PROFILES Registered developers now can enter more detailed technical profiles. List your skills and experience, point to the projects you've worked on and companies you've worked at, etc. You can view technical profiles of other developers on their "Personal Profile" pages (search for their names & click).

To edit your own profile, log in and visit: https://sourceforge.net/people/editprofile.php


VA Linux has rolled out a VA Linux/Community banner program. By displaying VA Linux and Open Source project banners on your content pages (hosted on SourceForge or anywhere else), you can earn points redeemable for Debian T-shirts, Geek, Gnome and Tux hats, a Tux Polo shirt, Quake III for Linux...and the much sought after VA Linux and Themes.org T-shirts. (It's not that hard, you get a point per banner impression, and prizes start at 5000 points.) You can read more and sign up at: http://www.valinux.com/about/affiliates/affiliate.html


REMINDER: We've officially transitioned to the new Trove software map. The new system allows you to categorize and search for projects in a variety of ways and under multiple categories, increasing viewability to end users and developers.

For example, want to see all of the GPL'ed software development tools written in C? Try: http://sourceforge.net/softwaremap/trove_list.php?form_cat=45&discrim=15,164

A number of projects have yet to update their entries, so they are not currently visible in the map. If you haven't already,

** It is necessary for you to categorize your project using the new Trove category set. ** You can change your Trove categorization by visiting your project and clicking on the "Project Admin" link on the left hand menu. From there, select "Edit Trove Categorization".


If you've already categorized your project, please note the following new categories which may be appropriate for you.

Topic :: Communications :: Napster Topic :: Communications :: Telephony Topic :: Internet :: Log Analysis Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Site Management Topic :: Scientific/Engineering :: Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Programming Languages :: Scheme MOST ACTIVE PROJECTS SourceForge continues to grow. We now hosts over 3900 projects, with over 24,000 registered users. The most active projects on SourceForge include: This Update: SourceForge Crystal Space Freenet Project CoreLinux++ QuakeForge GNU/Linux Audio Unreal Tournament phpShop Tik IM Client DooM Legacy

Last Update:

SourceForge Crystal Space CoreLinux++ QuakeForge GNU/Linux Audio Mechanics Unreal Tournament Freenet Project phpShop Tik IM Client Squid HTTP Proxy