Originally Published: Wednesday, 26 April 2000 Author: Jeff Mrochuk
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Misc. 3D Acceleration News

Some of the larger companies have send out Press Releases regarding their new products, as well some new drivers are available. Click the topic for more.

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  • nVidia have released Xfree86 4.0 drivers for their line of 3d accelerators. These drivers are said to be high quality. Linuxgames.com has a review of the new drivers. The only drawback is that these drivers are closed-source.
  • The Voodoo3 3500TV project has released some usable drivers for the V3 3500TV available by CVS.

  • Matrox has announced their new G450.
  • nVidia has GeForce 2 GTS Both of which will likely provide linux drivers.

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