Originally Published: Wednesday, 26 April 2000 Author: Jeff Mrochuk
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Mesa 3.2

Mesa, a free 3d library compatible with OpenGL has released version 3.2. Click the topic for changelog.

Mesa 3.2 is the latest stable release, with the following fixes and changes. It's available here.
Bug fixes:
  • fixed memcpy bugs in span.c
  • fixed missing glEnd problem in demos/tessdemo.c
  • fixed bug when clearing 24bpp Ximages
  • fixed clipping problem found in Unreal Tournament
  • fixed Loki's "ice bug" and "crazy triangles" seen in Heretic2
  • fixed Loki's 3dfx RGB vs BGR bug
  • fixed Loki's 3dfx smooth/flat shading bug in SoF Changes:
  • updated docs/README file
  • use bcopy() optimizations on FreeBSD
  • re-enabled the optimized persp_textured_triangle() function