Originally Published: Wednesday, 19 April 2000 Author: Jeff Mrochuk
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OpenML Response

Source: linuxgames.com
In response to yesterday's posts on the topic of OpenML Intel's Edward Schmit has posted a reply. Click topic for more.

Edward Schmit's reply to yesterday's posts
We just announced the spec last week and no work has been done. Development will be done by the member companies listed--in that sense it will not be open, but this is no different than most open source code that the developers need time to get it started. At the point the spec is ready then, we will want some standards to this such that will satisfy all of our goals. We plan this to be similar to OpenGL but have not made any decisions on code release. SGI, who named and developed OpenGL, is very involved with this effort also. As far as the OpenAL, we are planning to contact them and try to work with them. I do not know where you comments on monetary control are coming from because no matter what, there will be no licensing fees of any kind. This is just a bunch of companies who see the need for an API like this and are donating architectural talents to work on it.