Originally Published: Tuesday, 18 April 2000 Author: Jeff Mrochuk
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OpenML a bad thing?

Source: linuxgames.com.
The recent announcement of OpenML, a multiplatform alternative to DirectX, was hailed by the linux community. Recently new information, such as a closed-source policy, has appeared and has caused a few second glances at OpenML. Click the topic for more.

Mitch Allmond wrote in to the OpenAL newsgroup to comment on the proposed API:
Actually, this whole Khronos/OpenML thing is looking really bad for linux users. For one, the groups that are doing OpenML are planning on making it closed source and developers will be required to pay for a license to get the SDK. Second, they do not plan on using OpenAL at all. Third, this will cause major problems with linux and mesa. If things continue the way they are going, I see this as hurting linux and setting it back further than what it currently is. We all need to voice out our opinions to them now before it's to late.
Loki president Scott Draeker sent this in response to the list:
The more I hear about OpenML, the more convinced I become that OpenAL is necessary. Not only will the OpenML license likely be closed source and royalty based, but they aren't even scheduled to have an API until 2001.

Of course we'll continue to communicate with the Khronos group, and hopefully they'll come around on these important issues.