Originally Published: Monday, 17 April 2000 Author: Brian Satterfield
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Roll 'M Up

Sick of dungeons, railguns, and getting fragged?
Then come with me to Duetcshland, where we can grab a beer, let Inga show us why German girls love bratwurst, and play a great pub tradition: Pinball!

Written by: Brian Satterfield
Edited by: Shannon Ormon

Roll 'M Up

Roll 'M Up is a fast paced pinball game built on "Lost Platform": a cross platform technology framework that allows for rapid development of multimedia applications.

Currently there is no source available but binaries for MS Windows, Macintosh, BeOS and Linux are downloadable from: http://medialab.lostboys.nl/projects/madewith/pinball/rollindex.html

The system used for this article:

Dual Celerons @500MHz 512MB RAM RIVA TNT2 Sound Blaster 32


Nothing to compile, just download the binary and run. :)

The game

From the minute I hit return to start this game, it was obvious that this was professional work. The sound is incredible, the music a thumping techno beat, and perfect for pinball. The first few screens let you know who sponsored and designed the game. Roll 'M Up is brought to us by a German beer company (Dommelsch bier, I've never had it but maybe they'll send me a case ) and shows in the game itself where the table and game items are pub related. Beer cans and pianos are your targets, a polished wood surface composes the table, and there's a shiny metal beer meister in the back.

With only four controls, not much documentation is needed, and it's easy to get started. Two flipper controls, the plunger and a "table shake" are all you need to start playing. It does, however, take quite a while to master.

As the game starts, you'll notice a small status window in the bottom right that informs you of your next objective. Each objective is related to something on the table that needs to be accomplished, such as knocking down beer cans, sending the ball around the bar and through the brewery then out the taps. Running it over the piano is my personal favorite!

The play is simple and fun, but extremely hard to master. After playing a dozen times I was just starting to get the feel of how to hit different parts of the table reliably, the hardest of which is something called 'the trampoline' which catapults your ball over the table and onto a trampoline, then into the beer meister where it swirls back down onto the table again. Fun stuff, but hard to hit when you need to.

There are some great graphics to this game and a few cool surprises. Watching the demo of the game as I write this, there is a really cool animation that happens at one point where a hand comes out of the tables and throws a bunch of balls your way. Good luck keeping them going! There's also a gravitron, actually more like an anti-gravitron, that propels your ball away from the center of the table.


Roll 'M Up is a well designed game which is a nice breather from the fragfest of most of the top games out there. The graphics and sound are a major bonus. The one thing that would be nice to see are some other boards to play under this same engine, but it seems that this was a one shot deal.

Overall a great game. Here are the particulars:


Single Player      5 penguins Multiplayer            n/a AI                        n/a Graphics            4 penguins Maturity            5 penguins Fun                    4 penguins ---------------------------- Overall      4.5 penguins