Originally Published: Saturday, 15 April 2000 Author: Jeff Mrochuk
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Linux Game Development Center Reopens

The Linux Game Development Center has reopened to serve the gaming development community. Click the article title for a list of new features, or head straight to the LDGC.

The LDGC now boasts some new features listed here:
  • Almost everything can be maintained via web forms. That of course means that we don't have to fiddle around with HTML source as much as before (and therefore we can do more work in less time), but it also means that everyone can now add content to the site! In plain english: You can directly submit a news item (e.g. announcing the new version of your game) or a resource link (e.g. to your cool homepage) simply by clicking on the "Submit" links on the top of the page and filling out the form.
  • We now have user accounts, together with a proper permission handling etc. This allows us to appoint section maintainers simply by setting their permissions to "maintainer" - much simpler and safer than the old way (giving them r/w access to the entire site). It also allows for such things like letting you set your default site design, easily subscribe to news digest mails etc (later...).
  • (Almost) everything is databased, so things like different sorting styles, searching for items based on everything-you-can-imagine, massive crossreferencing etc are relatively easy (we just need someone to write the web frontent for these ops ;)