Originally Published: Friday, 14 April 2000 Author: Jacob Moorman
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Resignation of Stampede Linux Developers

Many of the developers of Stampede Linux have resigned today, putting in doubt the future of the distribution.

We have been developers, end-users and general supporters of the Stampede Linux (Stampede GNU/Linux) project for over two years. We have enjoyed working together as a team and pursuing many of our own interests in conjunction with expansion of the distribution. Many of us have grown up on Stampede.

It is now time for us to part company. Due to a number of reasons based on the current administrative nature of the Stampede Linux distribution, we are unable to continue supporting the efforts of the distribution. As a group, we feel that the needs of the group have not been supported by the current model of operations. Though we have tried, we have not been able to affect change in this regard. Despite our strong long-term commitment to the project, it is time to move on.

As a group, we shall endeavor to find a more suitable, democratic forum to express our interests. To those who have supported our efforts over the last two years, we thank you.

Signed (in no particular order),

- - Jake Moorman (roguemtl), former Assistant Head Developer (and Buildmaster) - - J. Daniel Powell (minotaur), former Lead Alpha Platform Developer - - Rob Aagaard (lenolium, rawb), former Buildmaster (and Assistant Head Developer) - - Gabriel Ricard (gabe), former Developer - - David Burley (khemicals), former Developer - - Erich Ziegler (needo), former Developer, end-user - - Per Linden (pli), former Developer - - Michael P. Gorse (vortex), former Developer - - John Hoffmann (snippy), former Web/Database Developer - - Klaus Naumann (spock), former Developer - - Janine Restis (mccoy), former Testing Specialist - - Adam Farrell (skate111), former Developer, end-user - - Timothy Krell (shinjisan), former end-user, supporter - - Misty Smith (rhiannon), former supporter, end-user - - Dan Knoepfle (deadmonkey), former Developer, end-user - - Chris Gahan (epitaph), former Developer, end-user - - Andrey E. Lerman (lae), former Developer, end-user - - Kristjan Kristinsson (doze), former supporter, end-user - - Mattias Eriksson (snaggen), former supporter, developer, end-user - - Arnvid Karstad (ievil), former supporter, developer, end-user - - Johan Lindman (tybollt), former supporter, developer, end-user - - Peter Dam Mains (dam), former supporter, developer, end-user

This message has been signed with my GPG key to prove authenticity. Please feel free to direct any questions and concerns to me,

Jacob Moorman Former Assistant Head Developer, Stampede Linux (or Stampede GNU/Linux) roguemtl@marblehorse.org