Originally Published: Saturday, 8 April 2000 Author: Mark Nowlin
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Important Skills Summary

A resume` is arguably the most important thing a Linux Administrator can have. It is a roadmap detailing where you came from, and where you are going. It can be the difference between getting hired, and being unemployed.

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A resume` is arguably the most important thing a Linux Administrator can have. It is a roadmap detailing where you came from, and where you are going. It can be the difference between getting hired, and being unemployed.

The most important part of resume` writing is to be concise. Don't wander all over the place. If you try and write up a resume that has unnecessary words and sentences that detail things totally unrelated to the position you are looking to attain, you risk looking like you are attempting to pad your resume.

Stick with a simple format. Use the same font, and letter size. Mark sectional changes with a bold font, and begin them with an indentation if you like. The objective here is to make your resume more appealing to read due to its simplicity, so think bland.

Include your name, address, phone number, and your email address in your resume`. This will keep you from missing out on a great job opportunity by having several points of contact. It also makes you more accessible to recruiters.

Important sections of your resume` might consist of the following:

* Objective This section usually includes a short blurb regarding the type of job you are looking for.

i.e. "To continue a successful career as a Linux Administrator with a dynamic company."

* Work History/Experience This section is devoted to listing out what experience you've had in a working environment. Typically, you will have listings of each company you've worked for, with dates of hire and departure. Beneath each company, you should list pertinent information on what your duties and accomplishments were. Be sure to keep it concise as recommended previously.

i.e. July 1994 - present Sprint Enterprise Network Services Fort Worth, TX Technical Solutions Consultant [ insert job functions and accomplishments here, short bullet format recommended.]

* Education Colleges attended, whether or not your graduated as of yet, training you received, all of these can be listed here. Unfortunately for those of us who have no college degree, this is a necessary section of your resume`. Industry training can be a valuable substitute, however, and should be included here. In some cases industry training is most valuable, but it will be dependant on what company your are dealing with.

i.e. "Spring, 1996 - Present Tarrant County College Arlington, TX Major: Computer Science, GPA 3.8 Expected date of graduation: Spring, 2000"

* Certifications All of the certification tests you paid for and passed will be listed here. A concise listing in the format of certification, date received and certificate number should be more than adequate.

i.e. Red Hat Certified Engineer January, 2000 1111010101

* Technical Skills Provide a comma separated listing of your different Linux flavors you've worked with, and packages that you think would be important to show that you have knowledge in maintaining. You should also include any pertinent hardware that you may have had experience with.

i.e. "Slackware, Red Hat, and VA Linux OS's, BIND, Apache, Sendmail, Qmail, DNS, BIND, DHCP"

* References Include professional reference of people you have worked with in the past or present. Be certain that the people you list think of your professionalism favorably, since they may be called upon to verify your competency. Some people opt to just put "Available upon request" in order to shorten their resume. It is also nice to not put references if you plan on posting your resume` to a job site, since everyone would have access to their personal information through your resume`.

A resume` can turn into a monster if you don't control it. The suggestions laid out before you should help keep your resume' from becoming a beast, but ultimately the format you choose is up to you.

- Mark Nowlin is a Technical Solutions Consultant for Sprint Enterprise Network Services in Fort Worth, Texas USA. The views, information and opinions provided in this article are expressed and held solely by the author. Neither Sprint Enterprise Network Services nor Sprint Corporation or any of its affiliates assume any responsibility for any opinion or statement of fact presented in this article.

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