Originally Published: Thursday, 23 March 2000 Author: Mike Chan
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Newbie Guides

LinuxCare, a supporter of the open source revolution, has written up a couple of newbie guides to help users on issues like, what Linux is, why you should use Linux, where to get Linux, hardware issues, installing Linux, and applications. Check them out.

Newbie Guides

1. What is Linux?
A brief history of Linux, technical definitions, and Open Source culture.

2. Why Use Linux?
The benefits of using Linux, such as customizability and cost-effectiveness.

3. Where to Get Linux?
How to get Linux, from free Internet downloads to boxed sets with documentation and bundled support.

4. Linux and Hardware
An overview of Linux-compatible hardware components.

5. Installing Linux
Interested in running Linux? Read this before you install it.

6. Linux and Applications
Find out what kinds of applications run under Linux.