Originally Published: Tuesday, 21 March 2000 Author: John Eastman
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Digital Island Announces Linuxcare as Customer for Support of Linux-Based Enterprise Applications Worldwide

Digital Island, Inc., a leading Global e-Business Delivery Network, announced today that Linuxcare, Inc. uses its network services to deliver customer support to Global 1000 companies.

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Digital Island, Inc. (Nasdaq:ISLD), a leading Global e-Business Delivery Network, announced today that Linuxcare, Inc., a premier provider of Linux-based services, uses its network services to deliver customer support to Global 1000 companies.

Digital Island's network services allow Linuxcare to focus on its core business of operating a customer-support network that provides companies with breakthrough services for Linux-based e-Business applications. As a growing number of companies adopt the Linux open standard for their computer operating systems, Digital Island's data centers in Silicon Valley, New York, London and Hong Kong provide Linuxcare a global, scalable platform to service this market worldwide.

"Linuxcare has built a network that ties together our global staff and enables equipment manufacturers, software vendors and corporations worldwide to use Linuxcare for one-stop shopping of all types of Linux-based services," said Doug Nassaur, vice president of engineering and CIO of Linuxcare. "Digital Island provides Linuxcare with the optimal platform to reliably and consistently help our customers regain control over their technology infrastructures, ensuring that we can concentrate on our core competency."

"Digital Island's e-Business Delivery Network allows Linuxcare to expand its unique expertise globally with the high-quality Web-site performance that builds brand recognition and confidence with multinational corporations," said Ruann F. Ernst, chairman and CEO of Digital Island. "As the Linux service provider market becomes increasingly competitive, Digital Island's e-Business capabilities and geographical reach give Linuxcare a competitive advantage worldwide."

Linuxcare, Inc. is a recognized leader in providing comprehensive customer services for enterprise Linux environments, including technical support, professional services, education, and product certification for Global 1000 companies. Linuxcare supports all major distributions of Linux, leading open-source software solutions, and Linux-based enterprise database applications on all major hardware platforms. The company hosts www.linuxcare.com, a leading online technical support resource for Linux. Founded in 1998, Linuxcare is headquartered in San Francisco. www.linuxcare.com.

Digital Island(R) is a leading Global e-Business Delivery Network. The company's suite of application services for interactive e-Business allows customers and partners to readily integrate content delivery, hosting and intelligent networking to give the ultimate consumer a superior experience. Strategically located Data Centers in the United States, Europe and Asia are directly connected to leading access service providers in 25 countries. In addition, Digital Island operates a network of more than 1,200 content distributors across the Internet, which improves the performance and reduces the cost of hosting high-volume Web applications in target markets. This network is expected to grow to more than 6,000 content distributors in 350 locations worldwide by the year 2003.

Digital Island is headquartered in San Francisco. www.digitalisland.net.

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