Originally Published: Sunday, 19 March 2000 Author: Nico Lumma
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LinuxNews.com: Landing a Linux Job

Kirrily "Skud" Robert, CEO of Netizen, gives some advice on how to find a job with a Linux-company.

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"If you're following the IT job market at all, you'll have noticed an increasing number of advertisements that mention Linux. The IT world is changing, and companies need people with the right skills to help them face the change. Alongside this, specialized Linux and Open Source companies are hiring as fast as they can to deal with the explosion of work.

"There are more jobs available at the moment in companies that deal exclusively or primarily in Open Source software than in other companies looking to start using Linux. In addition to the big name Linux distributors (like, for instance, RedHat) there are specialized Linux hardware companies, Linux consultants and training organizations, and web development firms who specialize in Linux and Open Source backends.

"Don't expect to get a job using Linux in a bank, a manufacturing company, or a major retail chain. While you might get lucky, the market isn't quite there yet. If you do manage to find jobs in those industries that require Linux experience, you can largely treat them as normal corporate jobs, and use whatever techniques you normally use."

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