Originally Published: Wednesday, 15 March 2000 Author: Terry Warner
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Q3 Point Release

Robert Duffy updated his .plan about point release 1.16. The point release should be appearing on mirrors soon and include original player models deveopled for Xian, Carmack, Hellrot, Paul Jaquays, Willits, and Brandon James. The download for a platforms will be released together...keep your eyes peeled. Click above to read the whole thing.

Name: Robert A. Duffy Email: raduffy@idsoftware.com Description: Programmer Project: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The 1.16 point release is done. It should start appearing on mirrors soon, in all three flavors. The release also contains the original player models done way back when for Xian, Carmack, Hellrot, Paul Jaquays, Willits, and Brandon James ( now at Rogue ). These are included in the PK3 file. Available separately are the Max files for each as well.

There were only a few changes between 1.16m and 1.16n, the readme details what was changed. I should get the code bundled up and out within a few days as well.

Any problems with the release ( or the game in general ) need to be e-mailed to livehumanfeedback@id oftware.com, this will ensure the issues get added to our bug database and looked at.

The Mod scene is pretty much exploding, I have a very long list of Mods to look at and play. A few issues have come up that are centered around Mod coding and requested features.

-Config files. The q3config.cfg file IS propogated to each mod directory as a set of defaults. If you want to use mod specific configurations, just use a yourmodname.cfg file and execute it at load time and save it out when appropriate.

-Server side DLL support for pure servers. This would allow pure servers to load DLL's on the server side only while keeping the clients pure. This will likely be possible in a future release.

-Client identification. Cheating is obviously a big issue. It seems that some people just cannot get over the fact that they suck at the game and have to cheat to try and make up for it :-) This along with abusive players has caused quite a few requests for the ability to generate a unique user ID based on the end users CD Key. This would allow servers to ban troublesome players or habitual cheaters. This method would not compromise the CD Key in any way but would provide a unique string that would identify a particular user irrespective of their user name, ip address and so on. Our current thought process is to implement a system very similar to caller ID. This would allow a server to be setup to accept only clients that provide their ID or accept all ( anonymous ) clients. Clients would be able to specify whether or not to provide their ID or be anonymous. Any feedback on this is welcome ( This is NOT in the game at this time but is under consideration )

Tools ----- There should be a new release of the tools available within a few days as well. The editor is still undergoing quite a few changes but I want to get it out so people can work around the nVidia stipple slow down and take advantage of the new plugins that are about to hit the streets. Tool feedback still needs to go to tools@idsoftware.com.