Originally Published: Monday, 13 March 2000 Author: Terry Warner
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Railroad Tycoon II 1.54.2

Loki sent out a new announcment today. They have a new patch for Railroad Tycoon II. The patch fixes a bunch of bugs, and along with the patch, comes a new demo as well. You can download both here. You can also click above to read the full announcment.

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Announcing a new patch for Railroad Tycoon II!


  • Fixed crash when the AI is creating companies.
  • The server IP address is now properly used in finding network games.
  • You can now network with more than 2 players.
  • Defaults to fullscreen by default; the new fullscreen code does not require root privileges anymore, and should work on any XFree86 and compatible X11 server with at least the 1024x768 video mode defined in the XF86Config file. Use the Alt-Enter hotkey at any time to switch between fullscreen and windowed modes.
  • Proper CDROM detection on systems using supermount (Mandrake)
  • CD-ROM volume settings are now saved between games
  • The CD-ROM is now detected if it is mounted while the game is playing.
  • Initial PPC port work by TerraSoft (available in a separate archive). This port does not support networking with other versions of the game.

    There is now a new demo containing support for both PPC and x86.

    There are also two patches:

    x86: rt2-1.54.2-x86.run

    The x86 patch requires that you have Railroad Tycoon II Gold Edition for Linux installed, and have already applied the 1.54a patch, available from our ftp site.

    PPC: rt2-1.54.2-ppc.run

    The PPC patch requires that you have the Railroad Tycoon II Gold Edition CD mounted when you run it, and will start the Loki setup utility to install the game.


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