Originally Published: Wednesday, 23 February 2000 Author: Christof Vandewalle
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L.A.M.P. Three

L.A.M.P. Three is a personal Jukebox that is geared towards managing and listening to full albums of songs in .mp3 format via your web browser. (Kind of like my.mp3.com with pictures and lyrics)

Songs are cataloged in a MySQL database and played using the audio/x-mpegurl mime type from your web browser and the mp3 player of your choice. The server is geared to run on any machine that sports a L.A.M.P. configuration (Linux,Apache,MySQL,Php). Different client configs that work are Netscape & XMMS 1.0 on Linux, and IE & Music Match Jukebox on Windows or IE & Winamp on Window. Realplayer only works with single play. Lynx seems to work ok. For further information please visit the homepage