Originally Published: Tuesday, 22 February 2000 Author: Terry Warner
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Source: Voodoo Extreme
Voodoo Extreme posted yesterday that Terminus, a single and multiplayer upcoming game previewed at the Linux World Expo, would be available on the release date of April 2000. Terminus has been engineered for the Macintosh and linux pc platforms simutaneously. You can see some never before seen screenshots at the Adrenaline Vault.

From the Terminus Website
"Terminus takes place across our Solar System 200 years in the future. Space colonization has just begun and both Earth and Mars enjoy unprecedented prosperity. Then, it happens! Ancient alien technology is discovered which allows instantaneous travel among far-flung destinations, and the course of human history is changed forever. Players fly, trade, shoot, or steal their way through a single or multiplayer campaign bumping into hundreds of independently-acting characters and ships controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), and interact with 18 fully-equipped and schematically accurate space stations."