Originally Published: Sunday, 20 February 2000 Author: Terry Warner
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XRacer version 0.96.0

A Development version of XRacer version 0.96.0 has been released today. XRacers is a cloned game of Psygnosis' WipeOut. Here's what the web page has to say about it: (Click above)

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Version 0.96.0:
This version is extremely broken. It's the first version where you can draw an entire track in Blender, export it (if you have a C-key), and import it as a complete track (including scenery and textures).

The track shape is described as a single mesh, and the import tools generate an efficient BSP which maps from the pilot's position to the correct point in that mesh. Tracks are no longer constructed from ``segments'' and are no longer limited in shape.

A track could now be an arbitrary shape: a wide open area or a track which divides into several alternative routes are both possibilities.

Here's the web page for the game http://xracer.annexia.org/.

You can download this beta version here.

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