Originally Published: Sunday, 20 February 2000 Author: Brian Satterfield
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Q3ServerKit 2.0

Linux is known for being a reliable platform for servers. Game servers are no different and the most popular these days is the dedicated Quake3 server. To help you administrate it and maintain it we bring you a tool developed and tested on Linux.

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Written by Brian Satterfield
Edited by Terry Warner


I love Quake. When I started getting into linux I wasn't much into gaming...mostly because there wasn't much available. ID has helped change that by supporting Linux in their most recent release of Quake3. But as much as I love Quake3, I do have other things to do...program, eat, sleep (occasionally), etc. Instead of wasting time trying to find a server I liked with a good ping and a decent map, I started to run my own Q3 dedicated server. It was nice to be able to jump in whenever I wanted or just watch the server messages scroll by as I worked or surfed the net.

As time passed I realized a few things...it was hard to keep track of the server just by watching the raw messages scroll by. I didn't want to play the bots, I wanted real people...so I had to search for real player names in the kill messages to make sure it wasn't just the bots. I also liked to be able to see what people were saying but the chat messages were also hard to spot and would often times scroll by way too fast.

This just wouldn't do.

I needed something that would tell me the state of the server at a glance, keep track of chat messages, players, and maybe even allow me to add or kick bots and players. Some sort of admin tool...

So I searched the net. Windows had them... Linux only had connect tools...gamespy-like things for clients, but nothing to help administrate a server.

Nothing until now...

Q3ServerKit 2.0

Q3ServerKit fills a void, and fills it well.

The application is intended to make administrating and monitoring a dedicated Quake3 server easy and fun. The basic layout is simple and makes the most use out of a small amount of desktop real estate.

A quick list of the basic features are as follows:

  • Ability to start the Quake3 server
  • Real-time player list
  • General Server information
  • Complete bot related control (list, add, kick)
  • Complete map control
  • 18 modifiable server settings (gravity, speed, fraglimit, etc.)
  • Real-time color chat panel
  • Raw server messages panel with color coding
  • Server statistics
  • Dynamic server state information (even in iconified mode)
  • Feedback/Email form
  • it's free and includes source! :)
System requirements

Q3ServerKit is written in java so it will run on any platform for which there is a JDK available. (Linux, Solaris, Windows, etc)

Using JDK1.2.2 or higher is highly recommended.

The most recent version for Linux is JDK1.2.2rc4 which you can obtain from ftp://metalab.unc.edu/pub/linux/devel/lang/java/blackdown.org/JDK-1.2.2/i386/rc4/

Q3ServerKit 2.0 can be obtained from http://www.legowhore.com in the downloads section.

You can also see Q3ServerKit 2.0 in action with some screenshots that can be found here.

To Do List

Add the ability to start the Q3 client
Add support for the color codes in the player names
More detailed statistics, possibly a graph or two
Suggestion are welcome for other ideas...

About the Author

Who is LegoWhore?

LegoWhore (Brian Satterfield) is way too close to 30 while still behaving like a 10 year old. He has a dual degree in Mathematics and Psychology, has been a developer in an artificial intelligence lab for over 2 years and is most notably the author of Q3ServerKit and neuralnets (both indexed on freshmeat). He has his own software business I.T. Works (http://members.home.net/it-works) and is hell on wheels with a Railgun in his hands. :)

Contact Info

Email: legowhore@linux.com Q3ServerKit homepage: http://www.legowhore.com neuralnets homepage: http://members.home.net/neuralnets I.T. Works homepage: http://members.home.net/it-works

Closing Notes

On a closing note, the Games Staff would like to welcome Brian Satterfield to the staff. We are pleased and honored to have him with us, and will be expecting many more great articles from him in the near future. So welcome aboard Brian.

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