Originally Published: Saturday, 19 February 2000 Author: Terry Warner
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FreeCiv Beta 1.9.6

Jeff Mallatt sent out an email to the FreeCiv mailing list today releasing the new and final beta version of FreeCiv, before the 1.10.0 release. You can read the full email by clicking above.

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Hello Freecivers.

A new beta version (1.9.6) is available for testing at:

ftp://ftp.freeciv.org/freeciv/beta_version/freeciv-1.9.6.tar.gz or ftp://ftp.freeciv.org/freeciv/beta_version/freeciv-1.9.6.tar.bz2

Also available as a "diff" between the previous beta version (1.9.4) and this one:

ftp://ftp.freeciv.org/freeciv/beta_version/freeciv-1.9.4-1.9.6.diff.gz or ftp://ftp.freeciv.org/freeciv/beta_version/freeciv-1.9.4-1.9.6.diff.bz2

This is the final beta version before the release of 1.10.0.

Only critical bug-fixes, translation updates and administrative changes will be committed between now and the 1.10.0 release. So, now is the time to get the translations up to date, and to submit information for inclusion in the NEWS, PEOPLE, BUGS and TODO files.

Unless something major crops up, I'll be making the delivery of 1.10.0 on Monday the 21st.

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