Originally Published: Wednesday, 9 February 2000 Author: Terry Warner
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Loki Statement

Source: LinuxGames
Scott Draeker, President of Loki Entertainment Software released a statement today asking Linux users not to mail bomb Blizzard regarding recent rumors of Linux ported versions of their popular software.

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The statement reads as follows:
"There have been a number of rumors circulating about possible Linux ports of Blizzard's products. While it's great that people want to play these games on Linux, mail bombing Blizzard is not the answer. The same thing goes for other publishers as well.

The simple fact is that Linux is still a new market, and that many companies are still taking a 'wait and see' approach to it. They are looking for market success of the products which are already in the market, before they'll commit. So the answer to getting more games onto Linux is to buy the games that are out there. Petitions and deluges of email can actually be counterproductive. If hold out companies get the impression that Linux users are cranky, that will just delay any move they might make."

-Scott Draeker, President,
Loki Entertainment Software

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