Originally Published: Wednesday, 9 February 2000 Author: Cory Visi
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Loki Gears Up New Web Site,Hires Linux.com Games Project Manager

Our own Terry Warner will be doing website-related work for the premier Linux commercial game provider Loki.

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Scott Draeker, CEO of Loki, describes the position. "Terry will be making recommendations on navigation, providing daily updates, and keeping all the information fresh and consistent.." Anyone familiar with the Loki corporate website may have noticed that the content can be, at times, out-dated. Terry's job is designed to put an end to that.

The Linux.com games staff would like to ensure all its readers that we will continue provide unbiased reviews and information regarding Linux games.

We all should wish Terry luck with his new job and hope that some inside scoops on upcoming games come our way.

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