Originally Published: Wednesday, 9 February 2000 Author: Christof Vandewalle
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ViaGratt is a software package aimed at the real time processing of the sound of electric guitars and other instruments used in conjunction with effects racks.

"The problem usually found with traditionnal programs is the significant delay introduced between the input and the output. This problem is solved in ViaGratt, mostly because of the capabilities of the Linux operating system, for which ViaGratt is written.
ViaGratt is the combination of loosely tied parts. The first one, the interface, is the only one which will actually appear on your screen. From there, you will be able to launch and manage the other components. The interface is made up of three parts:
- First, the list of racks, from which you can start and stop the various effects. Viagratt lets you use up to eight effects at the same time (this limit was set in order to avoid gaps between playing a note and hearing it). - The next part is the timetable, whichs lets you schedule a sequence of effect changes through time, so that you won't have to drop your guitar during a song to get the right sound. - The last part of the interface is the oscilloscope, which displays the effect of an effect on the sound wave. This has proven very useful for plugins development.
The second component of ViaGratt is a layer managing the communication between your sound card(s) DSPs and the third, and essential part of this software : the plug-ins.
The plug-ins are the great power of ViaGratt. Because sound processing is done by plug-ins, the number of effects you can obtain is potentially infinite... Actually, nothing prevents you from developping your own sound processors. This turns out to be very easy." -- taken from the ViaGratt website