Originally Published: Saturday, 5 February 2000 Author: Terry Warner
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Half Life Patch Soon?

source: Voodoo Extreme
Valve Software, the creators of Half life stated that there will soon be a patch for Half Life, coming hopefully next week. The patch will include the following fixes: (click above link)

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Half-Life update contains two new maps for Team Fortress classic and a variety of server enhancements.

Badlands - Primarily an outdoors map with an emphasis on vertical positions, Badlands features traditional capture the flag play through a twisted collection of step canyons-a locale tailored for the sharp shooters.

Crossover - A mix of exposed outdoor areas and tight indoor spaces littered throughout the corridors of two symmetrical bases, this map provides a venue for varied and fast paced CTF games.

Server Items - We have addressed a number of server side items in this release, including the Linux message of the day fix and a number of other items requested by our Half-Life server administrators.

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