Originally Published: Friday, 21 January 2000 Author: Jeff Alami
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Linsight Appoints New Co-Director

In a move to add capabilities and expand their reach, Linsight announces E.J. Wells as co-director of Linsight, an online Linux information resource.

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KINGSPORT, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 21, 2000--In a move to add capabilities and expand their reach, Linsight announces E.J. Wells as co-director of Linsight, an online Linux information resource.

Dave Whitinger, founder, believes promoting Wells within Linsight, which already provides an authoritative resource of all Linux upcoming events and available Linux training, implements a new beginning.

"Through Linsight, we are working to unite the existing Linux community while expanding the use and acceptance of Linux to a broader audience," said Dave Whitinger, co-director and founder. "With E.J. in his new position, we can now concentrate on adding entirely new dimensions to our service that we were not previously able to."

E.J. brings to Linsight years of network administration, systems programming, web development, and software project management experience. E.J. joined Linsight in November 1999, to direct the software development of the Linsight network.

"I plan to add breaking industry news, company profiles, and links to relative information helping Linsight open the door to direct interaction with multiple audiences through multiple means," said Wells. "This partnership will lead Linsight to the cutting edge of Linux information providers."

Linsight was established by Dave Whitinger in October 1999 and is funded by Atipa Corporation. Linsight is a free service to Linux users and business professionals who can expect to see new services, led by Wells, operational in February.

About Linsight (www.linsight.com)

Linsight exists to provide a complete information resource to the Linux community, and beyond. By combining useful content with a professional and intuitive interface, Linsight will provide the Linux community with a needed resource, as well as advocate Linux to the larger computing audience.

About Atipa

Founded in 1994, Atipa Linux Solutions is one of the largest suppliers of pre-configured Linux workstations, servers and clusters for information management today. Best known as one of the first dedicated Linux solutions companies, Atipa partners with other technology and market leaders to make its products available in complete Linux solutions for businesses of all sizes. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Atipa develops, manufactures, licenses and markets solutions, products, technologies and services for business, education, consumer, scientific and engineering and government customers. Atipa provides Linux solutions based on Red Hat (Nasdaq:RHAT), SuSE, Caldera, and Corel Linux (Nasdaq:CORL).

For additional information about Atipa Linux Solutions, see Atipa on the Web at www.atipa.com or call Toll-Free, 800-360-4346.

Linux(R) is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in several countries. CONTACT: Fleishman-Hillard Jeff Xouris, 816/512-2314 Mediainfo@atipa.com

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